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World Record Jump

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Nice to see someone still considers suicde an imployment option.
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There's a real high "Hey Y'all.... Watch this!" factor involved here.
> I think I can top it. Someone get me a GSX-R.

Looking forward to it. Please make sure to get
it filmed so the rest of us can watch! =8-0

'05 Gixxer 1K can't weigh _that_ much more
than that 500cc crossdressing dirt/street bike
Of course he made it. He's got one of those bikes that goes 200 mph.

John Wayne said it best in The Undefeated. "Windage and elevation Mrs. Langdon, windage and elevation."
The fact that Robbie walks away (usually) with a big fistful of cash while these other guys do it for free redefines the definition of "kinda dumb".
Re: Ouch! I know that's gotta hurt!

Yeah, but what really hurts is when they reach down-your-throat to get at 'em.
Re: Ouch! I know that's gotta hurt!

You MOrons really need to do a better job of picking women.

i agree he made it look EZ.

but, dayum ... can you imagine if his aim had been just a tad off?

that took BALLZ. my hat's off.

anybody know how fast he was going at launch?
Re: DAYUMMM ....

I'm just guessing but I think the newspaper article where I found this said 85 mph.
Re: Yumpin Yimminie!

Phew, that made me dizzy...

Shows you that CR500's are good for other things besides scaring the crap out of you

(and smoking new open class 4 strokes).
Re: DAYUMMM ....

answered my own question. there is an interview with him at the website where he says he was doing 90.
Re: first post

Wasn't the American Eagle made in England and pretty much copied Huskys of the period?
Re: Yumpin Yimminie!

I think I read many years ago an article about a drag race between a late-80's CR500 (w/street-tread) vs. a VFR 500 Interceptor. If I remember correctly, the VFR could outrun the CR, but only because it was impossible to control the CR enough to get a good run on the asphalt.

On a similar note- I've never been intimidated by any motorcycle.. except my brother-in-laws Kawasaki KDX500c 2-stroke. That machine hates people. Just kick-starting the beast can send you to the hospital. It makes my RM250 seem like a toy. I can't fathom winding that thing out without an ejection seat.
Re: first post

American Eagle re=badged several different brands to fill out their line up. I don't belive they offered any Husky replicas. Perhaps you're thinking of CCM?
Re: Yumpin Yimminie!

I've got an '87 CR500 with a clean-and-match port job, .80 over. Noleen modified forks & shock. 15/47 gearing. I've never had it timed, but it walked away from a buddy's 1 yesr old KTM EXC520 at 92 mph (per his speedometer).

If the CR rider would have started the bike in 2nd gear, I guarantee he would have won. If tuned right the CR accelerates like an F1 car. I know it soulds like BS, but I've never lost a drag race (in the dirt).

BTW this is the same buddy who traded his '91 KX500 for the new Katoom. I never reallly liked his KX, it always felt like you were riding an oil-drum with footpegs. Way too big.

Starting one is no problem, just get the kickstarter ratchet at the top of the stroke and KICK (prime it first with 7 or 8 real slow kicks). My CR starts on the 1st kick most times. if you follow the above drill.
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Re: first post

Hmmm, point well taken Sir.

But in consulting my well worn issue of the 1973 Dirt Bike Buyer's Guide, (that resides on the tank of my toilet, or "throne" as it were) it does indeed seem that there was an American Eagle produced in the UK, and everything (but the transmission) was a copy of the right-side shift pre-'71 Husky.

The American Eagle had a horrible reputation for blowing up BTW. It is also on the "10 worst dirt bikes ever made" list, compiled by Super Hunky in that same issue.

I can fax or email you a copy (if you want).
Re: first post

I'll take your word for it, but to the best of my memory (yeah like that works as well as it used to) American Eagle used Laverda and Bridgestone as their source of bikes. 1973 sounds like the right era , however. Does the article say who supplied the fake Husky?
Re: Yumpin Yimminie!

Ahhh. The secret rituals for kick starting various big singles. Sort of a lost art these days eh?
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