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World Superbike 2001

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I agree... it was a bummer to lose Bimota and a real blow to have Yamaha out. At least Benelli will take Bimota's place... with a more consistent rider too. Remember, Goddard was the first rider for Aprilia in their WSBK effort 2 yrs. ago. Maybe this is a sign of a certain ammount of seriousness from Benelli we didn't see from the Bimota camp.
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Come on, dude- WSB won't be THAT boring or bad next year. Sure, a lot of the best riders have moved on or retired, but this is still awesome motorcycle racing at the highest level. The machinery is also unbelievably cool and I suspect the competition will still be worth watching, especially with Chili and team mate Chambon on the new GSXR. If it does bore you after all, of course there's still the best, closest, most competitive motorcycle road racing on the planet to check out- 600 World Supersport. No one can argue with that!
Brother you must be sick

When Troy Bayliss and Neil Hodgson start to bash fairings the way they used to in the UK you'll see what your saying is crap. Plus theres few riders with more balls than Reuben Xaus. The guy either wins or crashes. BTW I hope your not some loser hired by Dorna to come online and slag WSB and hype GPs. They're wasting there money.

You are obviously just here to stir people up. How about you register, so we can avoid your pointless babble in the future?

It's ok, lots of people have feelings of inadequacies due to their lack of riding skills.

Sheesh, just noticed the Ducati showing

Ducati represents such an enormous amount of the field it's crazy. Looks like Kawasaki in the Canadaian Superbike series!

Re: Sheesh, just noticed the Ducati showing

Only for a 75 mile race though...
Well this is just so cool most of the squad appear to be aussies, no wonder the WSB is chocko with talent.
I agree. No Haga (No Yamaha?), No Gobert, 75% Ducati. Ho-hum....*yawn*
Re: Chris Walker - What

Dear Mr Squid,

look at number 8,I think, in the 500cc class:Mr Chris Walker

Shell Advance Honda.Wish he was in SBK,Hodgson v Walker in the World Superbike Championship,it would have been great.I think he will battle with

the 500 still,best of luck Stalker !
Re: OK, I

I agree,it was a pity that the AMA guys didn't get a shot at the World guys at Laguna

last year.I was never that convinced about Mat Mladin when he was at the GPs but since

Yoshimura he looks a different rider.

Have you noticed that Hitoyasu Izutsu is in the entries,could be a good Haga replacement.Grand Prix versus Superbike,its shaping up to be a good fight.

Where are you ? This is from sunny South Africa (where all the Superbike guys are currently practising)
RichardKnowles Please read

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Jaco Roux

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