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Good points.

Seeing Bayliss and Edwards up front was not the real story hear (though it was nice to see some lead changes instead of the breakaway leader that had made wsbk a bit boring just as gp finally went the other direction, changing leads instead of hosting processionals) Anyway, the interesting but sad part was to see Corser doing so poorly and Yanagawa so well. What's allowing the ancient Kawi to fare so well? Just Yanagawa? If so, it would be great to see Kawi put him on something new (and cut him slack for the first year of development), or put him on any potential kawi 4stroke reentering GP, or maybe see a Japanese rider on a European bike instead of the normal converse. Whatever the case, Yanagawa was pretty impressive. Of course, it _was_ done in races that saw Corser and Bostrom crash or retire in both, and Chili and Xaus and Hodgson in one each, so in reality, you could argue that 3rd place was a very distant 3rd in both cases this weekend. Still, Kawi is doing an impressive job with the old beast, as Lavilla has done well with the Kawi this season too.

Hope Bostrom recovers soon and shows a bit more consistency. I'd love to see a 4 way dice for first vs the current triumvirate. Maybe next year. If Bostrom improves as much next season as he has this season, then he may yet be a future contender. Hope he heals soon and can be back to practice, even if not true title contention.

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