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World Superbike Provisional Entry Lists include Kawasaki and Honda

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I dunno. Still looks like Ducati Cup to me. Time will tell.

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With no star recognition, most the the bikes being Ducati

and less factory support I say that the series will draw less of a TV audience. That may change once they get the rules worked out to the point that all the manufacturers see it as a positive to race.
But how does this relate to the up coming election? Is Dean on a Kawasaki? Is Neal Hodgson Bush's new Secretary of State? What does Colin Powell think about running on spec tires?
LOL Good one. I am sure Serasuzy and longride will think it is a vast left wing conspiracy.

Re: With no star recognition, most the the bikes being Ducati

It sounds to me like an opportunity for someone we're not familiar with to become a houshold name. At least around my house anyway.
man, Dictator Series would be cool. Saddam on the Ducati, G. Bush on factory suzuki, Kim il Whatshisface on a ZX10 and it's PENG! Dengxao PENG LEADS INTO TURN ONE AND HERE COMES CHENEY! AND NOW CASTRO MAKES A MOVE, THE CUBAN IS ON FIRE!

Big asses and beards and the winner gets his way in foreign policy matters. It could work.

And here comes PUTIN ON THE URAL with VI LENIN in the draft!
You're turning into the political version of MR ALLCAPS.
johnnyb - You just showed your leftist leaning idiotology. Sadam should be on a privateer Kaw. Dubya Bush should be on the Corsa Duc upholding our honor ... while Janet's Bush should be all over podium ...... then it could work.

And here comes PUTIN ON THE URAL with VI LENIN in the draft, Cheney inside the Bush & the entire field looking forward to another JJ malfunction!

OK, sorry ... back to work
Gee -- an upscale world leader motorcycle version of "Operation Chickenhawk" (from Al Franken's books). There's a thought.

Good one there JB.

Well I suppose it's all pie in the sky. Imagine how long it would take to come up with a rulebook, class structures, what to have for lunch, how to resurrect Hitler and Stalin, whether Castro would be allowed tobacco sponsorship...
Hold on now - maybe not. I hear that getting Carl Rove to be your point man smooths out a lot of difficulties. Heck - I hear that he can even get you off the hook for bombing the bejeesus out of another country by mistake . Do you think we can get him????

On the other hand he wasn't elected to anything either - do you think he'd be more interested in racing?

While we're on the topic, anyone heard of "Motorcycle Diaries".

The story about Che Guevara's road trip?
Really i just don't think it could work. Racing requires you to work within the laws of physics and good sense and to make decisions based on empirical evidence. Doesn't seem like a good fit. Coud be good PR man for like, Kawasaki, though.
Be great to see Bush on a superbike. perhaps that way we could finally get rid of the lying bastard.
Had it in my hands one time and thought about buying it but didn't know enough about it. You've read it?
you really REALLY shouldn't say such such things on a public forum. I think what you mean is bush would enjoy it so much he'd quit politics to take up racing full time.
Yeah but when he lost he'd just get the Supreme Court to refuse to validate points for anyone who finished ahead of him. Now how much interest would there be in a racing series with results featuring the same single name every week? That's just plumb silly, don'tcha think?

Come to think of it that would probably provoke more moral outrage from the citizens of this great and fair-minded land of ours than invading other soverign countries by mistake.

Wait - I'll bet he could beat Limbaugh -- if he ever gets out of rehab.

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Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

Top Gun
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