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World Superbike Provisional Entry Lists include Kawasaki and Honda

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I dunno. Still looks like Ducati Cup to me. Time will tell.

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Re: If Bush was a rider

I'm sure that means a lot to him, coming from someone who likes to lick P nuss's and swallow afterwards!!!
Re: If Bush was a rider

"The Democrats need a candidate who can turn the cathode-ray gun on the Republicans...Kerry, a Navy lieutenant, had little time for the long knives wielded among the higher ranks; he was being shot at by snipers along the Mekong River. A Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts attest to his bravery. No Republican of sound mind will call Kerry's character into question...he offers America's Democratic majority the best chance of winning the popular -- and electoral -- vote."

-- Santa Fe New Mexican, January 29, 2004

"Michigan Democrats can contribute to the cause at their Feb. 7 caucus by voting for Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to be the party's nominee for president...Kerry, 60, offers serious differences from Bush, both in background and on issues...Kerry has genuine military experience -- heroic, in fact -- and was an important leader in the effort to end the war in Vietnam."

-- Detroit Free Press, January 29, 2004
Re: If Bush was a rider

Bush would not actually ride the bike: He would suit up in leathers , boots and full face helmet and strut around for a photo-op.
Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

Great site!! GWB was pretty cool lookiing in those days- ya gotta hand that to him. The thing is he has played at everything he has done: oilman?- the Saudi funded company went bust; fighter pilot?-see above flash spot; cattleman?- putting on a canvas brush jacket and riding around in a pickup on a postage stamp property (less than 2000 acres) hardly makes him a cattleman.
If I have to listen to that "ducati cup" crap one more time...

Fact is, the AMA Superbike series was more homogeneous than WSB last year. And the year before.

The grid at Mid-Ohio '03:

44 total on the grid

33 Suzuki (75% of grid)

5 Yamaha

4 Honda

2 Ducati

Grid at Brands Hatch '03:

30 total on the grid

19 Ducati (63.3% of grid)

4 Suzuki

2 Yamaha

2 Kawasaki

2 Petronas

1 Honda

Not only were there less (both actual numbers and percentage) Ducatis on the WSB grid than Suzukis on the AMA grid, there were two more manufacturers represented in WSB. And these trends should repeat in '04.

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or the shape of the table around which to conduct the negotiations ...
Re: If Bush was a rider

Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

Yep you are right. He has to be the luckiest guy in the world. Technically what he did was disertion i.e he never went back. But how does he not avoid the stockade/brig/prison. Must be cause his daddy was a Congressman at the time.
Re: If Bush was a rider

If we're just voting for heroics, then I guess KPaul voted for Dole in 96. Does Dole ride a motorcyle? Probably not, what with that bad right hand from the war.
Ive read it......unlike many MORONS I try to understand politics rather than just ranting about it. The title is misleading,the bike lasts less than 1/3 of the book. I would not consider it a motorcycle book but if you are interested on Che or the Latin America of the early 50's that fomented(is that a word)? the subsequent unrest and revolution ,its a good read--I enjoyed it. Now lets get back to MO type conversation..........WSB sux.Bush Sux,Vtwins sux,my bike is best---your bike sux
Re: If Bush was a rider

KPaully isn't smart enough to vote for someone as good as Dole. He's too busy licking P Nuss's in the mountains of Colorado!
Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

Sounds like someone is jealous "white trash"!
Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

Dryfly you sound like guy I'd like to hang out with in the trailer and swill Pabst and kick dogs and throw up on the orange shag and watch nascar and hope some fat girls will drop by. Hey! Let's go shoot somethin!
Re: If Bush was a rider

That was intelligent SliverSpoonFly
Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

I never lived in a trailer.
Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

JB was implying that Dryfly was trailer trash.
Re: Bush Top Gun video its funny and sad.

oh ok I have cold today, I'm kindof slow
Yeah, but the non-Suzukis were more successful in AMA than th non-Ducatis were in WSB!

LOL, spot-on.
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