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World's Fastest Indian

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Well, hell. That'll work. A motorcycle movie that doesn't suck.....Who'd have thunk?

Yes, children. The first On Any Sunday is good and so is Faster.....
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I'd love to see it. Is is possible that with shows like Monster Garage, Build-a-Bike and American Chopper there is an audience for a movie like this?
That looks to be just a wee bit better than CC Rider, now doesn't it?
The movie opens on Dec 9 only in Los Angeles and New York in a few theaters in order to qualify it for this year's Academy Awards.

No word on which theaters or when it will be shown anywhere else in the US. I'm going if I can find it.
Sorry, Build or Bust. When are they going to show new episodes of that one? Good concept, badly executed. order to qualify it for this year's Academy Awards.

As a documentary?
Well, the LINK gave me a red and black screen, but no action otherwise.

Could someone who can see what's going on tell the rest of us?
The web site got carried away with cuteness. You need to install the "Macromedia Flash" player from:
It will be up for Academy Award consideration for, most likely, best picture. We don't have lists of theaters yet, but most likely it will be up here in Hollywood where the Academy voters live.

The above note is from my kid, who works in show biz.
A bit better quality movie than BikerBoyz or Torque, wot? I mean, I actually detect a plot.
Got a chance to see it at the High Falls Film Festival in Rochester, NY.

Not only is it good, you can actually bring a non-motorcycle person and they'll enjoy it too. Kids (well maybe 10 and up ) will love it also

A great story, with excellent filming. They get little details like Burt, well Anthony, using his hand as a choke while starting the bike. And they use a fair amount of good natured humor throughout the movie.

The speed shots look very well done, however I've never ridden at Bonneville so I have no idea what it really looks like. But I have done 3 digits on the street, in a safe manner of course.

Are we on a streak here?, First Faster, then Dust to Glory, now TWFI, whats next?
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I've done 148 at Bonneville and about 150 on a highway. At Bonneville I was getting over 15mph wheelspin versus none on asphalt. The wheelspin made for queasy feelings, especially when I got a headshake and bit the salt.
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