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No way... Since you asked, the top ten most beautiful bikes of all time are:

1. '04 Moto Guzzi Coppa Italia

2. '72 Bultaco 250 Pursang

3. '73 Husquvarna 380 cr

4. '05 Yammaha R1

5 '73 Triumph Trident

6 '78 Harley-Davidson Low Rider FXE

7 '87 BMW K75S

8. '83 VFR750 Intercepter

9. '68 BSA 441 Victor

10. '47 Harley Davidson FL Knucklehead.

There's plenty more but those are the ones that made me think "now that's what they're supposed to look like.." the first time I saw them.

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The Motard is indeed a knockout. I can't wait to see it in for top ten of all is my stab in no particular order:

1. 1914 Cyclone or 1915 Indian 8-V Board Track bikes...they have the same esthetics, so both!

2. late Indian Chief sans fako fringe.

3.Vincent Series C Black Shadow

4.Early Gen HD Sportster '57 or so.

5.BSA Gold Star in Clubman trim

6.Velocette Venom

7. Norton Commando -any year as long as in black.

8. Early HD XR750

9. Duc 750SS - green frame, natch!

10. BMW R90S - my choice is Daytona Orange.

I wouldn't read much - if anything - into the lack of current stuff. I think it takes a lot of time to absorb and determine what endures.

On a different day and in a different mood, my list WOULD be different.

oh, honorable mention:

Bultaco Alpina or Metralla

Any pre-unit Triumph

916 and/or any Monster


Naked early 70's MV 750's

Any orange Laverda

Yes, he said almost with some reluctance - the original Katana...yes, I confess...I still like it.

If my mood changes today - most likely since business email is distressingly active today - I may be back with more choices extracted from my nether regions.

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I understand it was in the running until they considered the ilk of the owners. They declared the bike out of the running due to the owners views being counter-productive to motorcyclist everywhere.
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