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Worth Every Penny

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I nominate KPaul
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I second.......

.....but if only they could re-create the massacre.
For an extra $500 you get to make a drug sale, and for an extra $1000, you get to whack somebody. No extra charge for not waving at other people on motorcycles.
They just wanna be free........

How much extra is the train ride? Does the "experience" include free penicillin?

This isn't very tempting... been there, done that, complete with visits to the crowbar hotel. No thanks, amigo.
Do you get to go through the initiation? If so, I have a few candidates. You probably know who you are.
Almost as interesting as the "Restaurant owner shaken by koi seizure" article.

How 'bout a track day every 2 months for a year?
The other half of the cash is going to buy

some .357 mag. replacement ammo.

and a couple of Saturday nighr specials.
"Why not give half to charity?"

How about all of it? Geez.
might not be prudent. I envision some poor slob riding off into the middle of the Australian outback to meet up with this locos with pockets lined with $100s...... not prudent.
Well it's "for the Kids" and all. Still, only if it's "cool" to bring the Rex.
In always look at 1%'r clubs like rattlesnakes....they give you plenty of warning to leave them alone. If you insist on messing around with them you're probably going to get bit.

been there, done that. I'll pass this time around, thanks.
Remember what happend to Marge Simpson,is it worth taking the risk?You could end up doing their cooking and cleaning.
Think of it thisway: Since apparently taking drugs and/or raping women (or drowning them) seems to qualify people for public office like the Senate or the Presdiency your biker past may enable you to run successfully for office.

Sarnali for President.

God knows you couldn't do a worse job than the last 8 or 9 CICs.
Dude! You could issue an Executive Order cancelling all emissions regulations on two-wheeled two-strokes! Cool!

Maybe you could get all that BLM land surrounding Canyonlands officially named "Seruzawaland".
I'll just make you Secretary of the Interior and you can call it what you want.....
Re: I second the nomination

...and don't forget outlawing Volos and a total ban on underarm deoderant.
Re: I second the nomination

Yeah. And I'd immediately order that Helen Thomas be pulled out of the White house press pool and that she be replaced by Latin infobabe Sofia Vergara! If you gotta have an airhead around then it's always better to have a good looking one.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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