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I hope this means BBC America will have it on satalite!
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Maybe they can get someone to cover the races who isn't a moron, unlike the people on Speedvision last year.

Clue to the coverage team: Screaming about how great the action is might be a good idea on radio, on TV it is boring and intrusive.
BBC in the US? I hope you have to pay for it. Taxpayers money entertaining foreigners? what next?
How about having it on PBS after "Are You Being Served?" and before "Ballykissangel" for that full Rule-Brittania effect? The world can live without "Crusty Overpriced Junk In The Attic Roadshow" for a night a week in favor of lean angles and drafting, no?
I would gladly trade every stinking one of the shopping channels, plus MTV, VH1, E, Disney, the country music channels, ESPN 1- 17, and every Turner channel (except maybe the old movie channel)on my cable service for one superbike race per month on BBC.

Try a satellite system like Direct TV. I get Speedvision and lots of other good channels for the same or less than much smaller list of channels I got from cable.
You mean you don't like "There goes Slight around Chili, WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!".

Yeah those guys aren't very good, and they don't pronounce names very well. Plus what this "Edwards, from Slight, from Bayliss, from ....." style? Must be a Brit or Eurpoean thing.
Re: We didn't ask for it..

BBC is already in the U.S.. It's a thing called Direct TV and that would be satellite to you Brits. You know, up in the sky above the clouds. Monty Python and Benny Hill have been the only entertaining things I've ever seen come out of England. Besides, WSB is already available on Direct TV, so who cares about BBC ? Not to knock Fogarty but I don't think I could take commentary from him. It's bad enough having to read his comments in the back of each month's Superbike magazine. The anglophiles will love it though.
Re: We didn

Satellite, yeah a quarter of Uk housholds have that. Fogarty isn't doing the commentary, thank God. Can you get Eurosport? excellent coverage of WSB and GP.
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