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WTF is going on with the site?

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It all started Thursday. For no apparent reason, MO decided I'd entered my password wrong too many times. Since it's the same password I've used for 7,000 posts, that didn't seem likely. So I requested a password reset. Every time I tried to use the new password, the system said I'd entered the wrong password too many times...the FIRST time I used it.

After several iterations of that nonsense, I gave up and made a new account. I tried to make it a Premium account and PAY. That errored out, so I settled for a free account. Next time I logged in, it went off on the wrong password too many times cycle again.

So today, I've created a new gmail account, just to get logged in and complain.

Mr. Duke, this has been going on with two laptops, my home server, and even my smartphone. It's pretty bad when your website won't even take my money, let alone log in with my account.
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I have a Kpossible exKplaination. KPerhaps there's a rogue Kperson masquerading as a Kpolite member of the board. All the while, said Kperson is Kpenetrating the inner scurity layers of with intent to Kplay havoc with the serenity that is MO. KPossible? KPerhaps.
MO takes pride in being the glitchiest website on the planet.

Get used to it.

Money? I don't think MO has been a pay site for a long time.
"Hello. Welcome to! Can I glitch you a hand... uhhh... give you a hand?"
The 'Quick Reply' is acting up. When I submit, I get the 'Wait 30 seconds' notice, but if I refresh the 'New Posts,' my QR is there.
Same, same for me.
I sent a nasty-gram to the Customer Service department regarding these issues. I am totally shocked that I was able to log in!
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