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WTF is going on with the site?

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It all started Thursday. For no apparent reason, MO decided I'd entered my password wrong too many times. Since it's the same password I've used for 7,000 posts, that didn't seem likely. So I requested a password reset. Every time I tried to use the new password, the system said I'd entered the wrong password too many times...the FIRST time I used it.

After several iterations of that nonsense, I gave up and made a new account. I tried to make it a Premium account and PAY. That errored out, so I settled for a free account. Next time I logged in, it went off on the wrong password too many times cycle again.

So today, I've created a new gmail account, just to get logged in and complain.

Mr. Duke, this has been going on with two laptops, my home server, and even my smartphone. It's pretty bad when your website won't even take my money, let alone log in with my account.
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welcome to the site motomorbo, whatch out for that Ken guy he's...uh...fragile if you catch my drift.....

I'm sure the powers that be are aware of the problem and as usual aren't doing jack-sh*t to fix it. since it's been going on for a week now...............
Still acting up for me too, some Admin support would be good about now......
The sites been corrupted for awhile now, Seruzawa and Cuddy are both unable to log in, I get error messages every time I try to post.....
I go on for the most part now, it's always been a pretty fun site. is an excellent site and I used to post on there all the time, then they did a site upgrade a few years back and I was locked out. I didn't have a Triumph anymore and though I missed the camaraderie I just gave it up. There's a couple of BMW sites I've been checking out that are passable too.
Well, fer shure Seruzawa and especially Sarnali hang out there, what with their 'hairy-chested' bikes...
Well Yeauh.............
I go on for the most part now, it's always been a pretty fun site. QUOTE]

I've signed up there. It's pretty good; there's a lot of "commercials" but it's not totally annoying.

I can't help but wonder if KPAULSQUIDCOOKVENGER! finally figured out how to do a denial of service attack on MO.
betcha' can't find me punk-beeeetch LOL
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