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XS400R Rev From Idle Nitpicking

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Hey all!

I just got an old 1983 XS400R (the Seca version of the XS400) which is loads of fun!

Everything on it is great, but I had just one gripe while riding it home. Whenever I would stop at a light and sit in idle for a while, then try to get going (open the throttle) the bike would kind of sputter and stay at idle speed for a second and then rev up. However, if I just let the engine sit at idle for a few seconds, it would rev just fine.

Any ideas? I was thinking it might be low on oil. Its in a storage garage at the moment so I can't check it, but I can check everything tomorrow morning.

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Whether or not it's low on oil should have little bearing on carburetion problems, which is what you're describing.

But don't forget to check (and change!) that oil...........
I just thought it was strange to see the problem in such a specific incident
"I just got an old 1983 XS400R"

I didn't.

"Runs good - daily rider (when I parked it)" are words I've heard often...........
You'll have to ask mscuddy if he knows specifics about this particular bike (and he probably does!), but it might be a carb-synchronization issue, or some spooge in a jet or bleed hole, or simply a quirk of this particular model - it IS an early-'80s moto, after all!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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