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Yamaha Announce AMA Rider Line-Up

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Wow. No more R7. Man what a cool bike. Too bad it's not around anymore.

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I really hated to see Yamaha lose Anthony Gobert to Ducati, but their 2003 team isn't too bad.

I'm not sure about Hacking. It seemed his attitude with Suzuki last year was put it on the podium or put it on the ground. We'll see?

I think Yamaha grabbing Jason DiSalvo was a really great move. He supposed to be one of the hottest young guns of the AMA. If he does as well as he's been predicted to do he may be the next Nicky Hayden or Eric Bostrom. Being a big Yamaha fan he's the one I'm most excited about seeing race next year. Hopefully Aaron Gobert will be back 100% next year after his horrific crash at Daytona. Buckmaster should do fine. I sure would like to see him bring the Formula Extreme title to Yamaha next year. Anybody that watches roadracing has got to feel for him, after losing the Formula Extreme title the last two years like he did. Talk about being bummed out and frustrated. Did anybody see him after the Formula Extreme race at VIR?? I'm sure he'll bounce back. I hate that Yamaha won't race the R-7 next year. What a awsome bike. If they would have sold it to the public I think their research and development would had been so much better to keep it around longer.

Oh well.... is it time for Daytona yet!!??
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OK this alittle bit whiney but, I whish they would make a rule in AMA that would not allow cross racing between classes by a rider. That would allow more new faces to ride factory machines. And hopefully screw Kurtis Roberts out of some money (I hate that guy).

In the last race at VIR he was on pace to win

the championship, but his bike broke and he went to the back of the pack. During the end part of the season some of the Suzuki riders won some races and made it a close championship. Jason Pridmore had everything go his way that last race at VIR to win the championship. Oh well maybe next year.
Word is AMA officials are in Imola at the moment meeting with WSB officials and hammering out the new superbike rules.

Rumor has it that 4 cylinder bikes may be allowed to run unrestricted for 2003. I certainly hope so, the current rules for 2003 would be the begining of a slow death for superbike racing.
restrictor plates are going to ruin the racing, just like nascar.....if nazis raced it would be nascar....can we say assimilation??
Im one of Jamie's biggest fans just for the fact that he is one of the most interesting riders to watch. He gives it one hundred percent all the time! Sometimes it doesnt work out good for him but it sure makes racing alot more fun to watch when these guys hang it all out on the line for us to watch. Im Looking forward to another hot 600 class battle next year.
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