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This year could make a good movie

See, this crude, backwoodsy but true-blue American kid (TAK) is hired to ride on the worlds best motorcycle on the worlds best team against the worlds best riders. None of the riders can speak to him easily. His teammate, the World Champion (WC), ignores him. The rider he displaced (DR) hates him. The villain (TV), the chief rival of the WC, considers him an inconvenient upstart. Possible scenarios:

1) WC observes TAK struggling gamely to master his machine in practise. Flashback to early days in racing when older rider helped him. WC passes TAK just fast enough to pick him up in his draft and leads him through just 1 lap of Mugello. WC peels off into pit lane as TAK whips by. Closeup of ear to ear SEG on face of TAK.

2) TAK is passed by TV, slips into his draft. TV brakes deeper into each succeeding corner, but TAK hangs on. Finally, TV purposely brakes far too deep trying to lure TAK into disaster. TAK ignores him and passes him as he struggles to recover. Closeup of evil scowl on face of TV.

More scenarios?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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