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Yamaha concludes 4 days of 4-Stroke GP testing

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I'll bet if the times were spectacular they'd tell us so. Gee, these guys have fun.
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Unlike the PR for the Honda test, there are no lap times given. Obviously, test lap times are not necessarily predictive of race winning but one must still wonder. What impressed me the about these two tests (Yam and Hon) was Katoh's lap time on the 2 stroke. Yowza...
"Yoda was delighted with progress during his first track days with the crew." Haha, that's funny. You would think these guys were jedis or something.

THey probably didn't post the times because:

1. The times weren't better than 500GP race times

2. John K was whoopin' on the factory team boys.

3. Letting Haga go was a mistake. Put him on Dunlops and an M1 and he would be unbeatable, until he fell of course.
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I read that the track surface was totally redone, hence the Honda times were anamolous. It is significant that Katoh went well, but it may say as much about the immaturity of the RC as Katoh's riding.

Also, since the Honda times happened on a track that is brand new (surface-wise), it doesn't give much away. Yamaha ran an an established track and probably don't want anybody to know how they are doing.

Alternately, it is possible that Katoh is freaking great and the M1 is not going well.
Yoda and Suzuki working for Yamaha

Ok, so Suzuki is the Japanese version of Smith, but how can they loose with the force AND a competitor working for them.

I am looking forward to seeing how the Suzuki 4-stroke works in testing. Any bets on whether they publish lap times?
Big Black Bike

It won't happen, but I would sure like to see them race it painted matte black like that. It looks fast and nasty, no matter whether it is fast or not.
I need to review the GP1 rules, but wouldn't it be funny to see Li'l John Kocinski as a wild card entry on a new M1 go out and have the GP of his life against Roberts on the 'Zooki, Haga outta nowhere on the Aprillia GP bike, and Rossi bringing the Honda in fourth place at the Suzuka opener?!

Geez, I gotta quit drinking Malox for lunch!!!

I am excited about GP1. Hope WSB goes well too. 1000 cc street bikes with World Supersport rules ought to do it!!!

Have fun, ride fast!

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Do you have a mental video of that you could contribute? About 2 MB?

Looks like a great year.
I think freaking great may be right. 5 years of serious learning followed by commanding championships. I'll bet he's top 3 next year and 1 in 2003. Unless some other zen master comes along.
Whatever happens, you have bikes with DIFFERENT power outputs, power characteristics, weight, aerodynamics, weight distribution, tyre brands, tyre usage, rider strengths, team philosophy etc.

I reckon different bikes will be faster at different parts of the racetrack, whether on their own or in traffic, and on different circuits. Eg at fast tracks like Misano v's slower tracks like at Chec Republic.

I cant see one type totally dominating so hopefully there'll be more passing, greater emphasis on racecraft as well as all out ability. Remember, this isn't going to be clinical like formula one! There are many more variables. I cant wait for it all to start.
Re: Yoda and Suzuki working for Yamaha

Well any engine in that same sweet chassis has gotta be better than the suzook two stroke. I am pretty sure Kenny and Sete can get it up to race speed fast. I bet that it's more than a match for the other two bikes, which aren't really showing any dominance. Kenny likes that Engine Braking rear wheel slide anyway.
Daaaaaannnnnnnnngggg duuuude........

That thing is baaaaaad aaaaaaaassssssss......
Ground-breaking 2-stroke news?

I hope the new head for my '99 Ski-Doo MXZ 670HO from WFO racing really adds 5HP like they say it will so I can be a true Sledneck......dammit I was pissed at Ski-Doo when I found out that my right-hand piston grenaded and shredded the piston and cylinder head. Chris Burandt, Garth Kaufman, Dan Gardner and Andy Lindbeck (YO MINNESOTA) are the coolest slednecks around.
I was thinking the same thing.

Yeah you get those guys on a track together and it's unbelieveable.

There's no way anyone can beat Yamaha with Yoda as their project leader.

He'll use the Force to levitate the riders out of trouble if they overcook any corners.

You kidding? Go back and re-watch Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace...

See which one rides...

It's not the Jedi, it's the Sith.
The sith ride feet forward, like a cruiser. It's great for looking ominous, but if you actually want to go fast, give me an Episode 6 speeder-bike any day. Complete with blaster, please ;-)
Re: Characteristics of the new GP

Yeah, you're right -- I've been thinking the same thing. We are going to have a greater variety of bikes out there than ever before. I heard Ducati is even developing a 4-stroke V-twin for GP. Add that into the mix with Honda's V5, Yamaha's M1, and some 2-strokers, and you have all the ingredients for some really interesting racecraft, with different tracks bringing out different strengths in the various bikes and riders. I can't wait, it will be very fun.

P.S. I just got a TV... does anyone televize GP racing?
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