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Yamaha confident about YZR-M1

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First post! Woohoo! So that's why my FZ-1 has carbs?
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First Post! I've been mulling the subscription thing but after waiting 4 days for new news, I gotta admint that MO is slow when it comes to news.

I just can't see any benefits to the subscription model because MO doesn't seem any faster (web page loading), doesn't include more content (when compared to the freebies out there.

Back to M1, nice looking engine and I can't wait to see the lap times compared to the Katoh's NSR...

Biaggi vs. Rossi

I hope this bike will help Max be more competitive against Valentino. Who doesn't want to see them duke it out in 2002?
Second Post!

I got beat out on first post, thanks to nagging neighbor middling in worthless conversation while I was about to hit Ok!
M1 seems to be pretty damn fast for an all-new bike - check out lap times at

Currently tied for 1st at 1:35:13 with Barros's NSR. John-Boy Kockinski's at 3rd over Biaggi!?!? Katoh's down at 8th, Laconi and the Aprilia at 14 (looks like Aprilia's got work cut out for them since they're behind development compared to Honda and Yamaha).
More from Ichiro Yoda

When asked how he expected the carbureted, in-line 4-cylinder Yamaha to compete against the fuel-injected v-5 of the Honda, Yoda said, "The dark side entices with many technical tricks, but the the race goes not always to the most powerful. The force is with us. Champions we will be."

With that, Yoda excused himself to make sure Max Biaggi wasn't playing with his "flashlight."

You're Always Messing Around Half-Assed

Ha! I enjoy my R1 though.
For Real. I have been thinking about too. It seems like this site is good for bike reviews (which I only really read the Open Class and 600cc reviews), but the news is a tad slow. Took a few days for updates and I just had to go to,,,, Oh, for free.
Re: Biaggi vs. Rossi

I Honestly don't think Max and Val will even be close to battling this year. Checa will perform better on the bike especially since he is a lot more comfortable on the 4 stroke than max is. Checa was ten times more happy when he began developing the M1 while max just wasn't maitaining the same Cornerspeed.
Re: Y.A.M.A.H.A.

Although I have an R6, your bike is my next. I just feel so much more comfortable riding one and I am actually faster, which ain't that fast, really.
Hey, carbs are important for racers. They've got a lot of stored energy that an active body needs while concentrating and leaning all over. Gotta stay healthy through the season, and I always thought that Atkins stuff was a crock of...oh, wait, not THOSE carbs. Oh. Never mind.
love yamaha. Those are the carbs on my R1. Want to know what the inside of the engine looks like. What are the internal components made of. What are the bore and stroke measurements. Love the size of the engine. When can we expect street going M-1 replicas.

Good luck to the new 4-stroke yamaha m-1 and may it come away with the first GP-1 title. Good luck to max and the rest of the malboro yamaha crew.

Yamaha is number 1

Something I've notice is the backward running configuration.

Anyone knows about the transmission set-up, is there a jackshaft that run the clutch like on my old TZ H?
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