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Yamaha Crotch Air Bag

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So, instead of an air bag, would we call this a tea bag?

...just wondering.
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So what protects your nads from the airbag?
Don't we have enough people in the world already? So why is there a need to protect the abilty to add more to the list? I would prefer they protect those spectacular breasts out there! I think the Harley dudes would concur.
'Pop' Art

They could get really creative and paint a face on that thing.
Things are gettin' strange.

What t'hell happened to that broken frame article???

Did I just dream it? I Gotta cut back on those D&D's Ice coffees.
Re: Things are gettin' strange.

I was wondering the same thing. I sent an email to MO asking about it.

Haven't heard back, yet.

This is the first time I can remember that an article has disappeared from the forum in the past 6-7 years I've been around here.

I wonder what happened?
Re: Things are gettin' strange.

That was a really good article too! I saw the video at work but couldn't post a reply because of security issues there.

I'm thinking maybe MO is getting hijacked by a hacker?
Re: Things are gettin' strange.

Nah. I think it was probably something a bit more simple. Maybe a server issue or user error on their part.

We can just blame Pete.
Re: Things are gettin' strange.

You may have hit the nail on the head. Server got bogged down or something.
Open Book Fractures are no joke

Actually, this is probably a pretty good idea. The current fashion on sport bikes for a seat level much lower than the fuel tank is pretty dangerous. The result of many accidents is what is known as an "open book fracture", and it is BAD NEWS. At least with this type of air bag, perhaps you'll avoid having your pelvis split down the middle.
Re: Things are gettin' strange.

No more Gixxer testbikes if you don't behave?
Re: Open Book Fractures are no joke

Well, I just crossed *my* legs.
Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. I will practice riding side saddle...
So, if one is a little short in the inseam, will his thing punt you into orbit like a Martin-Baker ejection seat?
Re: Things are gettin' strange.

I guess it's possible. But usually the real answer is rather boring and simple.

So I'm putting my money on a technical/user glitch.
Re: Open Book Fractures are no joke

Re: 'Pop' Art

Very good thought.Blonde or brunette ?
Wow!These guys are going "balls to the Wall"

on safety.

How `bout a vibrator option ?
Re: Open Book Fractures are no joke

I'm betting if you were the one that was going through the safety procedures during a commercial airlines pre-flight routine, more people would probably listen...
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