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Yamaha Crotch Air Bag

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So, instead of an air bag, would we call this a tea bag?

...just wondering.
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Amen. Anytime I see someone in a Che shirt, I want to ask them if they know anything about the scumbag. If they do, I want to punch them in the throat.
Seriously, we might want to check and see if we're related in some way...
Try Reading My Response.

The question has already been answered. Go back and read it again.
Not a problem. I was going to post the reason, but I don't do this job 24/7. You can inquire about anything any time.
Re: Try Reading My Response.

And as usual YOU have the final word, how typical of you.
Re: Try Reading My Response.

I went back and read it and I still don't see an explanation of the reasons it was pulled, just that there were 'reasons.'

The topic of broken GSX-R frames was discussed a year ago on MO. Here's a link -

If anyone wants to see the WSBTV article, just go to, type 'frame suzuki' in the search engine, and the article will be the first result listed.
61 - 66 of 66 Posts
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