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Yes the Fazer does look awesome.Many people have recommended to be my next new bike. They say it is everything that I am looking for and I probably would have compromised my needs for a real bike until I saw the new,at this time,european model FJR1300.A real bike for my needs.Yes I could outride most sportbikes even with my old FJ if I was inclined to be so foolish but here's what I see if I was to purchases a new Fazer. I would turn into Gary Rothwell and start to collect reckless driving tickets again if I was to pull over.Sitting on the gas tank spinning the rear tire going down the highway at 70 would be fun and wheelies till You got bored.Fun,but not the real world for Me.I could use a free playbike so if any of you damage your new Fazer,lose your right to ride or get hurt,look Me up.I'll be glad to help get your toy off your hands.
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