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Yamaha Follows BMW Sales Model

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Biggest catch is it's only good on two models. Add the FJR to that list (and the cruiser bikes for the bad ass, balding proctologist crowd) and Big Daddy Yam might have something for the US....
Let us Ponder this deal It seems a good deal especially for us older guys that have grown into a sort of sanity but I think this deal is meant to attract the younger crowd this is bad as they don't know or understand the scam that is being played on them of which I mean some 18-22 yr old goes and buys themselves an R1 I'll bet that the bike doesn't last 5 years not for lack of build quality but because this guy will either A) Crash said bike and find out that his insurance wont pay off the full amount due to depreciation B) Do what we've all done and drop the thing and bung it up and not have the cash to fix it because of his exorbatent moto insurance and payment but can't sell it because he has no money to make up the difference in what its worth and what he owes. The sad part is that eithter this punk will tell yamaha to come get the bike or his parents will bail him out. Either way he shouldn't have had it in the first place. Don't get me wrong the kid could be smart and by the fz-6 and come out ok but I doubt it. This trend isn't just young guys I've known a few older guys with wifes and kids and mistresses and a house payment and an apartment for the mistress three car payments do the same thing with a harley thinking by riding a harley they will relieve some of there stress of paying all these bills and having to screw both women the first his wife so he thinks she won't be suspiosus and then the 20 something mistress so she will think he is a stud. Poor shmuck doesn't realize his wife knows and doesn't care because she has the mailman and his mistress doen't care because she only puts out so she can live in a free pad with a free car. I'm done
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OK bod, I'm pondering. Are you commenting on the finance deal, the people that buy motorcycles, the difficulty of balancing a family, mistress and car payments, or something else entirely? Kind of hard to follow your rant. Maybe some punctuation would help. And better meds.
"I'm done"

I hope so, reading that made my brain hurt.

More simply put...Houses are financed, toys should be purchased.
Yada yada yada. Cut through all the PR bullshyt and all this tells us is that the sales of these two models is lagging badly.
Ah, a delight to read the comments from one who actually understands that there is a MARKET out there.
How's the market on a 20 year-old mistress?
It's all well and good for Yamaha to offer lower rate financing, until the day they end up like GM - offering the employee discount, plus cash back, plus triple rebates, plus anything else you can possibly come up with; just so they can move the crap. But I do agree with Seruzawa - about the FZ6 not selling very well, anyway. I thought the R1 was the best selling bike in the UK, or at least the best selling literbike, or something... Maybe I'm confused.


Are the early 80's repeating? All signs point to "probably". There is a glut of motorcycles now. The barely used bikes are substantially less than the new ones so these "creative" financing rates on new bikes are springing up all over the place. Let's hope somebody doesn't do a repeat of what they did in the 80's and get the prez to slap a tariff of foreign bikes. If bikes get cheaper, rest assured I will buy more frequently.
Who would keep the same mistress for 20 years?
more like a glut of cheap money thanks to the wizard Greenspan and his magic printing press. might as well take advantage if you want a new bike. I get credit card deals in the mail every week 0% for a year! Use this check to buy whatever u want and 1.9% until balance is paid in full! leverage is good when it's cheap. Y not? It can't last much longer. Oh no...

If anything it's the Japanese and Europeans who need protection from Harley. Oh wait. They already have large tariffs on imports to Japan, England and Germany..... never mind.

The worst nightmare for the Japanese is that we would treat their exports exactly the way they treat ours. How about requiring that every Japanese car be dismantled and inspected before it could be sold? Wouldn't that be interesting?

Isn't that kind of the definition of marriage?...

I thought this article was going to tell us that yamaha had decided to make ugly bikes....
80% of what they sell here, they build here.(All the Corolla's, Accord's, Camry's..............)
Whoa man! Sounds like you've been in those shoes before. Just relax.... things will work themselves out.
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