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Re: Yamaha Shuts Down, Then Licenses To, FZ-1 Site

The Internet BMW Riders and The Chain Gang website's both have lots of maintance and how-to's posted. The difference is that they didn't steal them from BMW copywritten material. The member's of their organizations spent their own time and effort to write them. In many cases, the author's wrote better instructions for Joe Average then the manufacturer's instructions. The reason is BMW assumes you are already a certified motorcycle mechanic. Their maintence material is written to this level. I have not read the Yamaha stuff but I would be willing to guess that it was written similarly.

I agree that the motorcycle manufacturers change an incredible amount of money for their copywritten materials. They can charge whatever they think the market will pay. The reason is because they wrote it. Theft is theft, and they were committing theft by putting copywritten materials on the internet without paying the author for this.

Just my two cents worth,

1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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