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Re: Yamaha shuts down FZ1 sites

Yup, there is a differance between an enthusist site and copyright infringement.

I wonder if maybe this isn't an error on many sides.

FZ1 Site owner LOVES FZ1's. Post Mucho info on the site.....

FZ1 Site owner scans in his copy of the maintenance manual. and posts on site.

Yamaha Lawers see Copyrighted material on site. Instead of asking owner to remove copyrighted material, they tell the ISP to pull down the site or be sued!

ISP asks no questions and pulls the plug.


1. Posting Copyrighted content

2. Not contacting owern and telling them to remove copyrighted material.

3. Isp folding like a cheap suit and not asking the lawyers what the deal is and communicating with the site owner.

If the Site Owner did ignore a request form Yamaha to remove copyrighted material, then the owner is in the wrong.

If Yamaha never contacted the owner they were wrong.

If the ISP never contacted the owner, they were wrong.

It's not clear cut because we don't have the facts, but those items above are what happens 9 times out of ten. People don't talk and end up having instances like this.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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