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I presently have a Yamaha R6 05 version (my first bike) while my friends ride 2007 Suzuki 600 GSXRs. I find the 07 Gixxer much lighter and easier to manoeuvre but i think it would be an unfair comparison to compare a 05 R6 with a 07 Gixxer which is why i need advice on which 08 bike I should buy. I also like the gear indicator feature being an amateur bike rider with only 3000 miles of experience, at the same time I love the look of the R6 especially from the front. The Yamaha is also a little higher so i had to get mine lowered to be able to confidently place my feet on the ground. Please advice on what bike I should go for considering that I will only use it on-road and never on the track keeping in mind my inexperience. All advice will be much appreciated:)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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