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first post big deal I'll think of something to say later.
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There are many jokes I could make about the press release, but none are funnier than reality. Yamaha is trying to add value and uniquiness to a bike that truly has neither quality. A quick scan on Ebay shows it still depreciates just as fast as any other Japanese bike, and there are brand new ones sitting on dealer floors here, waiting to be bought. I figure someone must have been waiting for this exciting announcement, but I can't for the life of me figure out who that would be. I think I read in CW that they sold 2000 of these since inception. I would hardly call that an "overwhelming customer response".
"with a purhaps minor difference - Hardley makes crap. Thay have for 50 years."

And the Japanese have spent the last 20 years copying it.
$6495 dude! Harley, dinette set, Harley, dinette set. Get with the program!
Did you see my set at home or something? Those were a closely guarded secret until you just let that one out of the bag!
One other laugh

It's going to be available in the "popular" Galaxy Blue color. Boy, that color should be REAL f&ckin popular this year, considering that it's the ONLY one they offer.
I wonder how buying a motorcycle that you can neither see nor ride, AND you get to pay up front, keeps the customer happy? Are you getting yours in the "popular" Galaxy Blue this year JB? I know I am.
I don't want one, and I won't buy one, and the purchasing system is messed up. I can certainly whine about that if I like. Since I am used to buying at least one motorcycle per year, I think Yamaha should note my concerns. Like you say, there is always Honda. But then again, should that be the casee? And you say:

"In case you haven't noticed, the less than huge sales numbers for this bike may be, in fact, the reason for pre-ordering. "

Or maybe the pre-ordering is CAUSING the "less than stellar" sales numbers. I suppose it's all how you look at it.
Now your talking JB. It's about time you came around!
He would be livid if the company that pulled this crap started with an "H" and ended with an "A". If you say the name 3 times though, he comes out of the screen and haunts your house, so be careful.
Having sold a whopping 2000 units in 3 years, I'm sure that wouldn't even pay the Yamaha light bill. I am sure this is the stupidest marketing scam I ever saw.
The only question is, when has ANY Yamaha motorcycle become an "upscale" vehicle? I could see buying a $100,000 car or built to spec vehicle doing this, but an FJR?? Please! I guess your definition of upscale is an Old Style and a pack of Camels.
I've seen 3 in Missouri that dealers are discounting by 1000 bucks right off the bat. There is a new FJR sitting in the dealership of DGY in Downers Grove, and has been there for 3 months. Want it? I'll ride it over next week.
Not sure which Ebay you are looking at but there are 2 for sale right now, one new and one used. The new one I would bet you could get for 1000 under list, and there is a 2004 with 8800 miles and 8200 made reserve.
So a company that has spent untold millions on marketing research isn't sure that the bike will sell? Kind of like saying the ranger isn't sure if bear shyts in the woods. Bad old 80's? It might have been bad for Triumph, Norton, Harley, and the rest of the Euros, but the Japanese were raking it in, and putting them all under. They WISH it was like the 80's again!
Re: are you in the west burbs, longride?

Villa Park currently. Within shootin distance of MCC.
Yeah, the bikes sure were cheap in the 80's. They DID have leftovers well into the mid 80's if I can remember that far back. getting old ya know!
Re: You Just Had To Ask

Quit screwning around and go get a REAL Norton. I had a 72 Combat Commando, and I kick myself for ever selling it. It was one classic I regret not having. That, and my 79 CBX.
If you think a Royal Star is "upscale", I bet you eat at the "upscale" McDonald's near your place.
I recommend looking up the word "upscale". That would be a better start.
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