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first post big deal I'll think of something to say later.
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For a commuter or light weight Goldwing a PC800 is pretty hard to beat from a strictly utilitarian point of veiw

Not my cuppa' Tea, but at least they're not trying to copy or buy into a "heritage" with it.
Champagne Flutes!!!!! I got a Flute for ya' Nancy-boy

Harley riders drink MGD BEER ga'dammit...out of a plastic milk jug, with Dale Earnhart and Elvis on the sides....

phuken commie
C'mon now, you're just a can of Krylon and Mexi-chrome away from any color you like.....
Re: You look so good in red.....

A friend of mine bought one of the first run silver ones a few years ago, jumped through all the hoops to get the bike, jumped through more hoops to get the bags or top box (what-ever) he thinks it's the greatest thing since his wife left him...

What ever flips your switch, I say. I wouldn't wait in line for a bike, or pay a vasoline tax for one for that matter. There's enough new bikes I want that if some company wants to play games, I'll just move down the list to my next choice. Simple as that.
No, but I heard Ariel Sharon and Yassar Arafat used to spend a little "quality time" in the 'ol kibbutz if ya' know what I mean..(wink wink nudge nudge)
Just a guess, but the Japanese, for whatever reason are convinced all American riders want either a retro look V twin cruiser, or the latest cutting edge sportbike.

Their stated reason was that they weren't sure there was a demand for a bike of this type and they didn't want a repeat of the bad old '80's with unsold product and under list sales ( brought on by their cut throat war with Honda for market share and Reagans import tariff )
All true, but look how many 750's and up sat around gathering dust because of the tarif.

I bought my '83 GPZ brand new for under $2k in '86 all because they didn't want to pay a premium

It was because of them dumping bikes at below cost trying to outsell each other, that Reagan enacted the import tarif that gave Harley enough time to come online with the Evo. models and pull themselves back from the brink.

I know you were there so you saw it too. That's what killed off the 750 class, which became the 700, then bumped the 550's in displacement and wound up as the 600 class.

Honda had just started getting serious about the auto industry and there were rumors of them getting out of motorcycles, Yamaha sensed an opportunity and went after them for market share, bankrupting the Brits. in the process.

Honda had more weight behind them and prevailed, Yamaha settled for 2nd place and Harley came back like a freight train with no end in sight, gaining political points by having Ronnie lift the tarif early.

Now Harley's the number one big bore, Triumphs back in the mix and it's still better to see a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on a Honda.
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1 - 8 of 146 Posts
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