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first post big deal I'll think of something to say later.
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About this time last year, I went to three Yamaha dealers and asked them to inform me when Yamaha was going to open the queue and start taking deposits for the FJR. I told them I really wanted one - it was just what I wanted, and I had the cash. In early March I found out that event had happened a few weeks earlier. Not one dealer called. When I went back to two of them, they both said something to the effect that I could still put down a deposit, but should not expect to get the bike until August or later, because I was too late getting my deposit in. That kinda messed up my plans to take a two-wheeled vacation trip on my new motorcycle in early summer.

I took my cash to a Suzuki dealer and bought my second choice and have been very pleased with it.

Yahama's policy with the FJR is not helping them, IMHO. Who knows how many other customers have gone elsewhere because of this outdated business model?
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Just two more cents worth. My trip had been planned 4 months earlier (October, the year before) - not necessarily to any place in particular, but when. The disappointing thing was the lack of response from the dealers. I live in the south and ride all year, but have to carefully plan (schedule with employer) long vacations. I just wanted to get away and ride for a couple of weeks on my new bike.

I bought a V-Strom 650. I outfitted it for touring and had the most fun on a bike trip that I ever have (in >30 years of riding). I now leave the luggage off and commute (almost) daily on it.

Next choice was to wait for the BMW1200GS and take a later trip. Even with the later trip, I couldn't get a reasonable assurance from a Yamaha dealer that I would have the FJR in time.
1 - 2 of 146 Posts
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