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That's it... this is a market based economy & for Yamaha the question will be... will they sell all these additional FJRs at list price?

If the answer is yes then I think you'd have to call this little marketing program a success!

There may be some of those little Italian moto makers where the plan is "let's build the most beautiful exciting motorcycles & hopefully while we're doing it we'll make enough money to pay ourselves" but for the Big 4 the game plan is all about "return on investment"

Like John Goodman said, "it's all about the money, boys!"

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You're just assuming that you know more than the Yamaha marketing people? ... maybe you do but I wouldn't bet on it.

Fact is, this Yamaha marketing program...

has managed to sell every FJR at list price

has been able to provide advanced firm production numbers to the factory (which REALLY makes the factory people happy and hugely lowers production costs)

and has managed to position a UJM as a scarce and desirable moto rather than just another disposable.

forecasting demand is a ***** of a job and being wrong $uck$. I'd bet Yamaha makes more $$$ preselling 2,000 FJRs at list price that they would making 4,000 and doing whatever was necessary to move 'em off the showroom

I do this kind of ***** for a living and the more I look at what Yamaha's doing the more I admire it.

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Tuesday Morning’s Best Lap Times:

1. Mat Mladin, Suz GSX-R1000 Superbike, 1:40.547

2. Ben Spies, Suz GSX-R1000 Superbike, 1:41.222

3. Neil Hodgson, Duc 999F05 Superbike, 1:41.312

4. Aaron Yates, Suz GSX-R1000 Superstock, 1:41.671

5. Jason Pridmore, Suz GSX-R1000 Superstock, 1:42.175

6. Vincent Haskovec, Suz GSX-R1000 Superstock, 1:42.589

7. Damon Buckmaster, Yam YZF-R1 Superstock, 1:42.673

8. Tommy Hayden, Kaw ZX-10R Superstock, 1:43.170

9. Josh Hayes, Kaw ZX-10R Superbike, 1:43.330

10. Eric Bostrom, Duc 999F05 Superbike, 1:43.395

11. Roger Lee Hayden, Kaw ZX-10R Superbike, 1:43.484

12. Jason DiSalvo, Yam YZF-R6 Supersport, 1:43.510

13. Tommy Hayden, Kaw ZX-6RR Supersport, 1:43.784

14. Miguel Duhamel, Hon CBR600RR Formula Xtreme, 1:44.053

15. Aaron Gobert, Yam YZF-R6 Supersport, 1:44.156

16. Michael Barnes, Yam YZF-R6 Supersport, 1:44.325

17. Jake Zemke, Hon CBR1000RR Superbike, 1:45.037

18. Steve Rapp, Suz GSX-R1000 Superstock, 1:46.003

19. Mike Ciccotto, Buell XB12R Formula Xtreme, 1:46.027

20. Taylor Knapp, Yam YZF-R6 Supersport, 1:46.176

21. Ben Spies, Suz GSX-R600 Supersport, 1:46.423

22. Jake Zemke, CBR600RR Formula Xtreme, 1:46.497

23. Geoff May, Suz GSX-R600 Supersport, 1:46.662

24. Ben Attard, Kaw ZX-6RR Formula Xtreme, 1:47.302

25. Alex Gobert, Hon CBR600RR Formula Xtreme, 1:47.351

26. Matt Lynn, Suz GSX-R1000 Superstock, 1:47.932

27. Dan Bilansky, Buell XB12R Formula Xtreme, 1:54.548

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