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first post big deal I'll think of something to say later.
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Okay, just thought of something...I gotta get a life…And...

Having owned a two-wheeled Buick Riviera (CBR1000F) I can honestly say, I don’t get it – the whole big-sport-tourer-thing, that is. I mean, I'm still trying to figure out why I bought the 1000F, in the first place. To me, the words over-a-quarter-ton and "Sport" just don't go together.

I believe what his gripe is; when Harley does the limited-productions thing, everyone cries foul. While, when Yamaha does the same thing, it's seen as an act of benevolence. And, far as I'm concerned, he has a good point.

As for someone liking Harleys, like everything having to do with motorcycles, it’s an emotional, rather than a rational, choice. I mean; it’s not like any of us are choosing gear to climb K2. After all, if that were the case we sure as Hell wouldn’t be sitting around bashing a keyboard.

BTW, about the government getting involved motorcycling…Kpaul is the bureaucrat who starts the Sh!t Storms around here. So, unless you want to take over his position…

Re: Does anyone else think it's funny...

Formerly of Head & Myasski Advertising, located in the Exchange Building.
Yeah, I always figured touring meant that's a good idea, while riding a bike.

I can hear it now..."Hey, Joe! Come on over! I wanna show you some slides from my trip. This ones before the wreck..."
How soon we all forget the Virago.

When mine broke down, the first three shops I called almost hung-up on me. When I found someone willing to work on it, I didn't even have to tell 'em what was wrong. The Wrench just said, "Lemme guess; carbs and electrical problems, right?"

I said, "Hey! You're pretty good."

He said, "No! Viragos are junk!"

Needless to say, he and I became well aquainted.

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Yeah, with numbers like that, they should be selling in Nepal any day..."Hey, Mister! How much you give me for Yak?"
Kudos to Yamaha for the help with the American, MotoGP round.

Truth is (despite all the press accolades) there are already too many bikes that – in one way or the other – fit into the sport-touring niche. And, like the Concours, those bikes can be had used, CHEAP!

Now, with dealers left UNHAPPILY holding the bag, Yamaha wants to generate some buzz: Fine Great, Wonderful...Call us when you knocked a couple grand off the price.

No doubt in my mind.
Don't tell me; they got chrome dishes that look like air-cleaner-covers, too, right?
He's the guy riding the Honda PC800?
Sorry, but I really did love the chrome, black and orange flamed-napkin-rings; they were to die for!

Tell me, does the full set come with Champagne Flutes, or just wine glasses?

Muffy so much wants to impress our friends at the next Sturgus Cotillion...Ta!
Mine was an 82, 750, with Hitachi Carbs, and and electrical problems that would have made Lucas blush.

After pulling the head-light, and fighting with enough wires to light the Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree - that the previous owner had obviously fought with before - I took it to a shop, and let them deal with it.

Other than that, and having to push-start it most of the time, it was a wonderful bike.

Oh, yeah...When I traded it in, the dealer's shop mechanics weren't very happy when I PUSHED it through the doors. It was the first time I ever heard a group of guys groan in harmony (not a pleasant sound).
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Preview/Ok! Hate when that happens...

Well said (hey, we're all Wankers) and if motorcycles weren't such an emotional choice none of us would be B!tching.

Though, I would be p!ssed if my hand-signed-print kept falling off the wall; and, it would be nice if my ex-trophy-wife wasn't such a miserable %$#@. But, that's what I get for being a Wanker. :)
Actually, I was being ironic (serves me right).

For what most guys need, for a little touring, the PC would be fine. And, if it weren't for my own manly (read: Dip-Sh!t) affectations, I might have bought one.

The PC would have made a great every-day-bike, and I could have put together a wreck for the track. But, I'm still happy with my "Rat" least it younger than any of my kids.

Yeah, well, I used to drink whatever had alcohol in it. And, I've had hang-overs scarier than Charles Manson listening to the White Album.

And, I'm a Red-Blooded-American (by-God) God fearin, Bible thumpin, Don't-take-no-$hit-from-nobody (long as they ain't standing right there) Goldwater-Democrat ...not no Commie, like ya done said.

I uz jus bean colloquial, afore.

What! No Umpa Lumpas!

Well, how 'bout that! No L’il-Yella-Men, Damn!

And, it turns out I should'a wanted an FJR all along (but, apparently, I wasn’t smart enough). Just think about all the things I should have thought about if I could have thought about if only my thinking was good enough to think about thinking about them (Boggles the mind, don’t it).

But, if they ain’t got no L’il-Yella-Men, who’s gonna make all them FJRs – ain’t been sole yet – disappear?
Ascot, Damn It! Not a scarf!

If I'm gonna look swishy, I wanna do it with some class.

Ya aced the paisley, though...nice touch!
Re: One other laugh

And, with or without air?
Re: Second Choice

I was thinking Huyabusa, but your's was funnier.

Personally, if I had my druthers, I'd rather tour on a tour-buss, preferably the Greatful Dead,s (if they were still alive).
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