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All true, but look how many 750's and up sat around gathering dust because of the tarif.

I bought my '83 GPZ brand new for under $2k in '86 all because they didn't want to pay a premium

It was because of them dumping bikes at below cost trying to outsell each other, that Reagan enacted the import tarif that gave Harley enough time to come online with the Evo. models and pull themselves back from the brink.

I know you were there so you saw it too. That's what killed off the 750 class, which became the 700, then bumped the 550's in displacement and wound up as the 600 class.

Honda had just started getting serious about the auto industry and there were rumors of them getting out of motorcycles, Yamaha sensed an opportunity and went after them for market share, bankrupting the Brits. in the process.

Honda had more weight behind them and prevailed, Yamaha settled for 2nd place and Harley came back like a freight train with no end in sight, gaining political points by having Ronnie lift the tarif early.

Now Harley's the number one big bore, Triumphs back in the mix and it's still better to see a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on a Honda.

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from Cycle

Formula Xtreme:

1. Miguel Duhamel (Honda) 1:44.053

2. Geoff May (Suzuki) 1:45.169

3. Mike Ciccotto (Buell) 1:46.027

4. Jake Zemke (Honda) 1:46.497

5. Alex Gobert (Honda) 1:46.847

6. Ben Attard (Kawasaki) 1:47.302

7. Dan Bilansky (Buell) 1:54.548


1. Jason Disalvo (Yamaha) 1:43.510

2. Aaron Gobert (Yamaha) 1:44.156

3. Michael Barnes (Yamaha) 1:44.325

4. Taylor Knapp (Yamaha) 1:46.176

5. Ben Spies (Suzuki) 1:46.423

Gotta hand it to Honda, after a full year of FX, they're almost as fast as Yamaha Supersport R6s. B an exciting "200" this year.

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Just two more cents worth. My trip had been planned 4 months earlier (October, the year before) - not necessarily to any place in particular, but when. The disappointing thing was the lack of response from the dealers. I live in the south and ride all year, but have to carefully plan (schedule with employer) long vacations. I just wanted to get away and ride for a couple of weeks on my new bike.

I bought a V-Strom 650. I outfitted it for touring and had the most fun on a bike trip that I ever have (in >30 years of riding). I now leave the luggage off and commute (almost) daily on it.

Next choice was to wait for the BMW1200GS and take a later trip. Even with the later trip, I couldn't get a reasonable assurance from a Yamaha dealer that I would have the FJR in time.

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Some of the ad/marketing things I see make me cringe, too. And we're definetely in the age of ad overkill. And some of the things marketed to kids like $400.00 sweatsuits are a joke. But if overindulgent parents didn't buy them, there would be no market for them. So it goes both ways.

But let's turn the issue around. The public needs advertising and branding as much as the marketers do. People buy things that say something about them. What you term as finding "weakness," is just as easily defined as emotional need. People like brands (although they're usually not aware of it.) They decry advertising as crap and lies, yet they make most of they're buying decisions based, in large part, on it.

Imagine a world with no advertising where you could only find out about things by reading specs and doing research. You'd never have the time, inclination or knowledge to figure out which freakin' laundry detergent to buy much less the zillion other things you need. Imagine a bunch of no-name, look-alike products that the manufacturers have no vested interest in improving, differentiating or even standing behind.

It'd be a pretty gray world, wouldn't it?

Imagine what motorcycles would be like (shudder.)

Most people say they hate advertising/branding, but they don't even understand how much of an influence it has on them--and what benefits it actually brings.

And about the only time people will have no use for brands is when grim death is staring them in the face. But probably not before.

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You Just Had To Ask

Because, Norton wants $19K, for a vertical twin, and it specs about $1.5K better than an SV650. Hey, I willing to give away something for beauty, but were not talking about a Rodan scupture.

While it's nice to know - after all these years - Norton's still a great sub-ten-thousand-dollar motorcycle; too bad it costs the same as a garden-variety Ducati 999.

Besides, most of the guys, who buy a Norton, are probably never gonna ride them. They'll just sit around hoping that Norton AGAIN goes t!ts-up, so they can eventually make a profit.

BTW, thanks for asking. I needed a reason to rant a bit. I've been trying to think Happy-Thoughts, but I don't have it in me.

So, P!ss-Off and leave me alone, but thanks, again, for the catharsis. :)

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Re: You Just Had To Ask

Quit screwning around and go get a REAL Norton. I had a 72 Combat Commando, and I kick myself for ever selling it. It was one classic I regret not having. That, and my 79 CBX.

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I wouldn´t publicly admit going to McDonald´s even if I went there. This is not for the reason of me looking cheap (I thrive on 4 Peso wine bottles) but looking like a mentally lazy lard-a$$ who does not appreciate variety in life that´s not ok in my books.

Aah, Royal Star. You can´t obviously appreciate it if you confuse badge with quality. I recommend reading "Emperor without clothes". That´s a good start.

- cruiz-euro

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CYPRESSS, Calif., January 7, 2004 ~ Due to the massive negative feedback from potential customers, Yamaha has decided to discontinue the FJ1300 USA Only Priority Delivery Program

Potential buyers will be able to visit their local USA Yamaha dealer and check out the 2005 FJ and test ride it before purchasing just like those evaluating the FJ in Europe have been able to do for years.

The cost risk for USA 2005 FJ left overs and necessary price discounting of surplus units will be covered by moving $223,250 from Valentino Rossi's boot polish budget.

2005 FJ1300s will be at USA Yamaha dealers on April 1, 2005.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .....USA FJ April Fools
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