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yamaha service

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We had a bike ('07) damaged at a local dealership and they assume no laibility, when taking bike for service be sure to ask what will happen if it is scratched and or dented at dealership. This dealer treated my wife like crap and her 2007 bike has a substancial dent and small scratch that were not there prior to service and they acted like it was her fault. She will not take bike for service alone anywhere again and we will not use this dealer.

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This bike shop has shopkeepers and cgl insurance. If they didn't they couldn't be a "franchise" dealer. Call your insurace company and start a claim and tell them you need help to subrogate the claim against the bike shop. They have attornies that do that stuff all night and day at these big bad insurance companies. Then send a demand of payment letter certified mail from you directly to the shop addressed to the general manager. In the demand letter let them know what you are doing with your insurance company. The threat of lawsuit from the insurance company and their legal fee estimate should free up the repair funds pretty quickly.
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