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Yamaha Shows V-Max Concept to ''Gauge Response''

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Didn't this come out 2-3 months ago? I feel shame for being the first to post on news this old.
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I'd rather see less virtual sculpture and more real bike.
This has been going on for a few years with Yamaha, cautiously treading water with their VMax replacement. I don't know what they're thinking over at there, but there's only so much salivating over a tasty dish that people will tolerate before losing their appetite. You don't see other bike manufacturers like Kawasaki and Harley Davidson baiting the public with would-be designs. The element of surprise is very appealing here and once that wears off, the design starts to become a little stale and the desirability of the bike wanes just a little. Build it or get off the pot Yamaha!
So, Yamaha is trying to unseat the Katana and the F650CS for the "Most Alien Lookalike" award?
I've been sittin' around diddling my ***** for long enough over this bike, as mouthwatering as it is they seem to enjoy keeping it a concept so I've already decided to get a Rocket III. At least I can finally stop diddling my *****, it gets old after a while...

Bring the goddam bike to market already!!!
Tossing his salad?
I've owned 2 (88 & 93). Although I work at a Ducati shop I will buy the new one when released. They are not a practical bike (that's what my K bike is for), but they are a blast if you know how their character works.
Re: Yamaha, Here's a Novel Idea

Why not bring a high-performance V4 bike to market that doesn't look like *****?

Ditch the ugly fake scoops and Alien II styling influences and create something that's not only fast but LOOKS GOOD.

Aggressive Ugliness is not The Look this century.
Re: Yamaha, Here's a Novel Idea

According to Yamaha rumor the scoops work on this bike. Ugly is pretty strong word from a guy who probably never liked the orginal anyway. For me, once the seat is added and the refinements are made, it is a better looking bike than the original.
Cool ..This just might attract some Gen Y and X buyers if it gets modern updates for brakes, suspension, etc. I love the looks of it... Plus it's a V-4 so kpaul likes it.
Re: Yamaha, Here's a Novel Idea

I agree with you I like it better than the original.
It's absolutely great (with the exception of the 'scoops,' I'd like mine body color.)

That is, until the eye reaches that gawd-awful tail section. I see the Giger reference, too - I'm afraid a bazillion baby spiders are about to pop out of that hideous bulge.

And why no monoshock? Packaging room issues? If necessary, a little more wheelbase would only save customers from having to lengthen the swingarm themselves, if the comments from prior owners about intended usage are any indication...

Probably the fuel tank is where a monoshock would normally go.
GMP- V4 future of all racing- right?
My consumer response hit the porcelain at Mach 2.

Is Giger really a current aesthetic trend? Isn't that over? I'd rather have 50-year-old retro aesthetic that's authentically moto-referential (H-D, Triumph, Ducati) than a 20-year-old dated aesthetic from a freakin' sci-fi flick.
I Like It.

It looks much better than the last V-Max concept floated over a year ago. I would like to see more of these cruiser-sportbikes (a la Griso) on the market. I'm sure it accelerates - as long as it handles and brakes, too, it's a contender.
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