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Yamaha Shows V-Max Concept to ''Gauge Response''

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Didn't this come out 2-3 months ago? I feel shame for being the first to post on news this old.
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Now, Let's face the truth everyone. This bike is just plain ugly !

Uglier than the original, which I liked somewhat - honest bike when it came along. Don't care if this concept bike wheelies for miles or gets through the quarter mile in less than 8 sec. It is about the only bike I would not like to be seen riding ! It is that ugly; a complete mess!

Yamaha are out of their shoes if they think this thing will catch on ! But That engine is still quite appealing. Now if Yamaha can design a nice and aggressive frame and body to put in this engine, buyers will follow.

In the meantime, Yamaha should take a look at what Suzuki did with the M109.... At least it doesn't look as a prop taken from Mad Max !
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1 - 1 of 69 Posts
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