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Yamaha Shows V-Max Concept to ''Gauge Response''

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Didn't this come out 2-3 months ago? I feel shame for being the first to post on news this old.
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Re: Alien influences

Come on now, don't be too hard on them. At least it's not another cheeseball Panhead Duoglide look-a-like. I think they'd sell a few, the FZ1 in unrepentent Anime` style and Speedy Triple, Buell and other streetfigher-esque bikes sell pretty well up here as do Bandits and your own Z-Rex, 919, Ducati Monster and what-not.

Beside, didn't our own Great Mutilated Prophylactic spout off about the return of the V-4? How can Yamaha, go wrong? just have their Tough-guy models shave their goatee's into soul-patches, spike their hair and adopt a soulfull look instead a "dangerous 1 %'r-gonna-kick-your-ass" look and they're good to go
He was still an ache in his dad's balls in the 70's
Re: Agree

I'm probably 10 to 15 years older than our hero and about the only Harley I'd buy would be a Road Glide. I like the bikes and all just not my style, I enjoyed the FXD I had last winter for the time I had it but after a while the minus's outweighed the plus's and I traded it on my T 100.

Realistically If I had the ching for a Road Glide I'd probably get a K1200 GT instead
Re: Agree

They had a few display stands at the IMS in Seattle with cut-aways of the front end and suspension bits, plus a good friend of mine is a BMW salesman. I enjoy going to the shop and hanging out drinking free coffee and chit chatting.

I think they're pretty cool bikes though I was disapointed with the surging and power assisted brakes on my R1150 RT. Now I've got my eye set on a new Bandit however a reasonably priced used K1200 GT might change my mind.
Re: Agree

The '01 Bandit I had was one of the funnest bikes I've owned. The only reason I traded it was because I wanted a more sport touring type and I didn't like the look of the Givi's on a Bandit. One of the things I liked about my Trophy was the handling and power were similar to the Bandits.

For my type of riding they're almost perfect and a real bargain to boot, I'll either get an '07 or a low mile unmolested used one.
1 - 5 of 69 Posts
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