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Yamaha takes styling influence from Buell?

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The only thing that looks like a Buell is the unusual location of the rear shock. Otherwise, looks much more like a Brutale to me.
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Lukam, Give me some of what you're smoking if you think that looks anything like a Buell, any Buell ever much less the Lightening.

Ducgroupie out
Please get your eyes checked -- soon! The Buell Lightning (not Lighting) is in a league of its own.
Looks like it came out of the same design department that did the Bulldog.
is there a some sort of bias here?

when big4 does something, "uh, it’s a copy of whoever"

when non-big4 does something, "oh it’s so beautiful!"

Sure, big4 copied stuff, but they improved it and made it cheaper.

MV’s a rip off big4’s inline4 made by Cagiva. Slap on a MV name & sell it for $$x2

Duc’s ST4/ST3/ST2's a copy of VFR & SuperHawk, 916 ripped off designs from NR750, V4 GP bike's a copy of RC-30/45

Triumph ripped off Kawa and chopped in 3/4

Everybody’s copying everybody. get it?

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This is based on the Yamaha MT-01 concept bike from a few years ago. See here....
That MT-01 is one bad looking bike. I'd like to get my paws on that one. And I like the idea of a 1600cc V-twin in that setup. Now that's bad to the bone!
I think the MT-01 could be the ultimate hooligan bike and this MT-03 is the first time I have ever looked twice at anything inspired by Super Motard. Yamaha sure it making some pretty bikes these days. Now, if I could just figure out how to get the MT-03's front end/mini - fairing on my new FZ6, I would be in business.
Being a BIG fan of the SRX, this bike looks, to me, like a natural progression along those lines. I can live with it being a twin. Whatever the design influences were, I sure would not kick one out my garage for eating crackers.
It's a single, so in fairness, isn't the Blast a better comparison? :p

I don't get worked up over Yamaha concept bikes as little ever becomes from them outside of the odd styling cue. Remember the MT-01? GK Dynamics got us all worked up and then Yamaha released the Bulldog. I'm still recovering from the disappointment of the RADD front-end Morpho as the GTS1000 did not push the same buttons.

Outside of Honda, I'm hard-pressed to come up with a major manufacturer that put a concept bike into production. Even in Honda's case, I wouldn't hold your breath for a North American Sport.
What about Buell.

Buell bikes are concept bikes that go straight from design to the dealers floor. This MT-01 has a very long swing arm or at least appears that way.
More a rip-off of BMW singles than Buells.

I'm more excited about the motard XT660X... which we'll never get here in the States...

Maybe lukam meant to say "resembles Buell lighting", in other words, the lighting on the Yamaha resembles the Buell lighting. Er, no, that doesn't work either. But as a KTM Duke owner, I say: Bring on the big street singles!
That ain't a twin, it's a 660 single. Even more like an SRX than you thought, eh?
Of course it's a copy. Someone else had to start the idea of motard and make them successful before the Big4 would try to move in and squash the competition. They've lost the ability to pioneer any more.

That said stylingwise it doesn't look like a Buell. Looks like a cobbled together bunch of parts from the bin that was put together by committee. No unity and no flow.
You are indeed correct. I meant to say that I would like it even if it came with the original Road Star twin. But I really like the single version and hope they make the thing. But, as with all Yamaha design exercises, I won't hold my breath.
Buell...or BMW?

Good point, 'glider. Although the Japanese are doing some amazing things refining existing designs--take a look at the new liter sized sport bikes, for example--the manufacturers who are really thinking outside of the box are Buell, BMW, and Ducati.

The new XB series from Buell are so covered with new-think trick bits it hurts to look directly at them. Not just the gas in the frame thing but take a look at the cleanliness of the design. No nasty exposed wiring or hoses....if you take the fairing off my R1 it looks like a mad scientist's laboratory under there.

BMW has come up with that rediculously ugly new cruiser--but it doesn't look like anything ever seen before (or hopefully since), they've come up with the Telelever and Paralever suspension systems; how about the Rockster? Ought to be ugly but in person is damn cool looking and it works good too. Few of us kibitzers like the look of the new 999 but it has a wiring harness concept that will be copied universally through the industry in a few years.
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I'm not seeing Buell, it vaguely resembles a TDM.

Not bad but I don't like the shock expanding and contracting right next to my leg. In the summer when I ride in shorts and flip flops it could pinch my leg hairs.
I don't see it, Lukam, but I'm not that familiar with the Buell product line. Could you perhaps come up with a link to a photo of the Buell you think it looks like?

Also, I think this thing is completely bad-ass, and I would buy one if Yamaha built it.

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