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Yamaha's new toys

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Now, I am not really a MX or ATV guy, but can you imagine the possibilities of knobbies and great suspension range with something like this? I know the initial design was intended for "street" application, but Yamaha could be on to something with this design. Odd, funky, not to everyones taste, but innovative, clever and inspiring come to mind.

•Tesseract (Special exhibition model / prototype)
This is a hybrid 4-wheeled vehicle powered by a combination of a liquid-cooled V-twin gasoline engine and an electric motor. It is also designed with a unique dual-scythe suspension that enables cornering with a lean (banking) like a motorcycle despite the 4-wheel format. There is also a dual arm-lock system that keeps the machine upright when at rest without a stand. It offers excellent performance and maneuverability with a machine width roughly equivalent to that of a 2-wheeler.


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I think that is an extremely perceptive remark. In fact, I have thought exactly the same thing: These things have all of the dangers of a real bike, yet do not demand the same level of commitment and/or training to use. And in fact, they're so easy to wail around on doing slides and burnouts and such, I suspect they're going to be splattering their new riders all over place.

You're pretty smart for a Harley rider.
Exactly. Quads suck, in any incarnation. They're not too bad out West, I guess, but they have totally hosed off-road riding here in the East. Their proliferation and idiotic riders have destroyed trail systems and given us all a bad image.

Put them all in a pile and light the fuse.
Didn't Rick Sieman say, "The best thing about a quad is, any idiot can ride one. The worst thing about a quad is, any idiot can ride one."?
At one Army-Navy game, we had a sign that showed a large shark upsetting a lifeboat full of sailors. The message? "Swallow the sea-men!"
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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