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Sounds good, Yamaha.

Yeah, thanks, Yamaha for the favor. A slow lap, a maybe fast one and park it. Why not let 'em go out for 20 minutes and practice. I'll jam in with a 100,000 Italians for that.

I'm a 2 stroke diehard. I have a 2 stroke streetbike, and I ride it all the time. There is a certain edge to the sound of the bikes that you get in person. I like fourstrokes, but if you're there, watching, then Superbikes against the 2 strokes, I'll take a 2 stroke, on sound. They have something intensely hard edged to them, with a overtone not unlike a jackhammer-banjo, they focus sound (pressure waves) in the expansion chamber for power. Plus, they are simpler, lighter, peakier and therefor more difficult type of power, and do it all better with less cc's. For 500 cc's maybe a rotary could beat it, but not on the track.

But I heard the Yamaha last week on TV, practicing at Mugello, and it sounds not at all unlike formula one. Kinda cool. So grudgingly, I'm coming around to the idea, and certainly, at least from the sound point of view. The turbo is dead as a prominent engine characteristic, and there's no reason for that either. 2 stroke bikes are dead but walking. And now we have a heavier, more expensive, tire shredding bike with big power from big dollar fourstroke open development. Yeah, they had to kill off the 2S's by giving away a huge displacement subsidy, and nothing is fair about that. 2 strokes have won 500. Time to kill the winner. If Doohan was still around and winning 7-8 years in a row, they would JFK his ass too.

But the good news is that there is a heavier, more expensive, tire shredding bike with big power from big dollar open development, and it sounds good on top of that if you actually go to the track. And Rossi will still be around, and will he stick with the higher corner speed 500 or go for the CBR? Which one will be faster over 35 laps next year? It'll be worth hanging around to find out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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