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Year 2001 Suzuki GSX-R600 Reader Feedback

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Don't use these sites much, huh?

They're using the Slashdot code which uses ID's so you can have personal settings and what not. It works well enough, just means you can't have a name other than Anonymous Squid (default is Anonymous Coward) without registering.
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Hey. No need to get all uptight. GSX-R's are marketed towards motorcyclists who want the maximum amount of performance. To do this, concessions have to be made. So what if the thing can't do 100000 km without major rebuilds. And if the thing breaks within the first couple of years, it might be a pain in the arse but warranty will cover it. If you want something to last, buy something that isn't in such a high state of tune, like a bandit. That's the nature of mechanical components. You can have performance or reliability, but not both.

As for where did the weight go and power come from, I'd be interested in that as well. Not because I want to get to the bottom of some great conspiracy, but because I'm just interested in how manufacturers increase performance.

The nicest thing about Buell is that they are exploring a kind of sport bike no one else is making. Sure, they''re a bit heavier than other sport bikes, but they''re got a hell of a lot of grunt. I''m giving them another 4 years to mature before I expect really good results. In the mean time, the S3 Thunderbolt is real fun to ride even if it isn''t competitive.
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i knew suzuki had it in them.
Certainly looks like a potent weapon for the track, though I always thought v-twins had a good advantage. But why would someone buy this for the street? It's got low power until you get around 10,000 rpm, and I really have trouble believing that that seating position is bearable at speeds under 75 mph (where the wind takes the weight off your wrist). What I want to see in the sport world is more emphasis on smaller, comfortable sportbikes--like the YZF600R, ZX6 (no R), and maybe a VTR750 and a VFR500!

Remember, most people don't actually ever go to the track.
Yes but most squids want you to belive that they do go to the track, with there high performance sandals and t-shirts.
Re: Don't use these sites much, huh?

Don't think it's using Slashdot code. Last I checked, Slash was written in perl, while this appears to be PHP and perhaps something else. Not that I'm knocking it...I find it an improvement myself.


Squid in name only
Re: Don't use these sites much, huh?

You're right, it's probably not the Slashcode proper, but something like phpSlash or thatPHPware. Still the look and feel so I won't get particular about the engine.
Why people bash Buell

Because deep down they really want to own one. It'd be great for them if they could own an American made sportbike that blew away every R-QJM on the road. That's not how it is, though, and they'll keep *****in' until something changes.
Not to get sucked into a real riding flame-fest, the fact remains that most motorcycles will never see more than a handful of laps at a track in their lifetime. It'd be really nice if their were as many choices of competent street bikes as their were track weapons.
What score is

You can have the comments sorted by score instead of oldest first (or whatever). That way people can bump up well written responses (like yours) and lower the flaming trolls (or was that a flaming moe?).

It works well on Slashdot where an article can get 200+ responses in just a few hours, but a lot of them consist of nothing but love notes for Natalie Portman.
Harley riders have short attention spans. It's our job to remind them constantly that Harleys suck or they would forget.
Real riding?

Maybe you like the track. That's just dandy. For me, there is nothing more amazing than a mountain canyon or twisting two-laner through scenic territory. An excellent handling bike is great for that, but it's also got to be comfortable and have a real-world power curve. A race tuck and an engine that's gutless below 9000rpm are not nearly as nice on those roads. And I am a resident of Colorado, living right at the base of the Rocky Mountains, so I _DO_ do the riding I'm talking about. If you're ever in the Boulder/Lyons area, ride Lefthand Canyon up to the Peak-to-Peak highway. THAT's real riding.
Reliability rule of thumb

Will it be a warranty nightmare?

One of the reasons the GSXR600 is being touted as so good is because of its super light weight. Where did that weight come from? Well, they made engine components smaller and lighter. 9 times out of 10, that means less durable for long-term street riding. That's one of the reasons that heavy BMW boxer engines last for so long--they've got heavy, durable components. But then again, nobody would want to be riding the Gixxer when it was 10-15 years old, because there will be a newer, lighter, faster, and more uncomfortable GSXR600 by then.
How long before the pistons hit the head? How long before you get the shaft from your dealer?

Suzuki's Suck!

You can moderate if you're a registered user. Bump articles up and down. Kinda trust the user sort of thing.
i couldnt see the pictures clearly for all the bull****, slide the front, slide the back, save it on my knee yadayada puhleeeese, why don''t you just go and win some gp races then, thought from the pictures frankly you look a little stiff and uncomfortable,

eer.. yes by the way this is a flame

the bike however looks fantastic
Re: GSX-R600 vs. SV650S

Well we certainly would expect some better components and more peak HP for almost another $2000 (MSRP) now wouldn''t we?

But, IMHO, comparing an SV650 to a GSXR600 in this manner is somewhat like comparing a GSXR600 to an ST1100.. .they just weren''t designed to do the same things the same way. Besides, I don''t think that is what he was asking of us anyway.


- MC
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