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Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run

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First Post. Man, I don't know if that thing is pretty or ugly.
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So, an overly complex valve system that really doesn't improve on existing engine technology in the form of horsepower OR torque?......sounds like Ducati's Desmo to me. Though I don't think Honda will be able to sucker in as many followers as Ducati did......
We're not talking about race bikes here Arch, were talking about the street. Go look at the performance numbers of your beloved Ducatis and those of bikes with normal valve systems and you will see Ducati holds no advantage. Ducati's wins in superbike have nothing to do with Desmo valves. And if you believe they do, you've been "suckered in" as well. Hell, next you will want us to believe that pushrods and ape-hangers are the wave of the future.......
1 - 2 of 171 Posts
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