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Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run

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First Post. Man, I don't know if that thing is pretty or ugly.
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Like everyone else, I cant see the advantage in VTEC by looking at these dyno graphs. Reading reports from journo's who have ridden it, they seem to find it has lots more grunt down low than the old model though.

I guess time will tell.

What is the point of extra complexity, cost, etc when the same benefits could be achieved cheaper by bumping up capacity??

I cant see extra reciprocating weight (of internals)being a problem on a sports tourer - usually they are heavier than they need to be to give better engine characteristics (low down smoothness, holding a given speed etc). Fuel economy isnt an issue - weigh any savings against the extra materials, development costs, purchase price etc.....

The cynic in me sees MARKETING and PARTS behind the "improvements".

If they didnt make it different and convince us that it is better somehow, they'd not sell so many bikes.

Knowing how automotive industry works, I know it costs a fortune to keep designing, testing etc new things, making and stocking parts for engines etc that are no longer in production - this cost MUST be paid for by the consumer.

Maybe this is why (in Australia at least) marques like BMW who have longer model runs for their bikes + engines etc are becoming much more price competitive with Japanese marques.

Are we really such suckers for the corporate line?? It seems so.

What do others think????

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1 - 1 of 171 Posts
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