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Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run

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First Post. Man, I don't know if that thing is pretty or ugly.
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To sum it up, one might ask, why Honda bothered to do all those fancy changes to the engine. To show new and finicky variation to "old horse", to prove their technical supremacy? Why would not they instead increase it's capacity? One improvement for sure is the layout of bike and two under seat tucked exhaust canisters (but that is somebody elses idea, isn't it); it may be seen as a welcome change by touring (as well as esthetics loving) fans. Over and over I am still content I opted for VTR instead...
Good point, I wander too. It somehow does't make sense.
Re: Why more displacement?

Yeah, that's true, but look who is the competition. They are all litre size beefy things (Aprilia, Triumph). Actually I recall as one salesman I spoke with, having some time on Triumph ST, commented on comparison with 2000(?) VFR as "day and night". I figure some 900cc would be perfect.
Re: Why more displacement?

Yes, your view of VTR is right on money. I can still diddle it to some 35mpg (or better) on touring run though. But we are talking VFR here , right?
This is also partly my view. Sport-touring bike (which VFR is claimed to be)is not necessarily full blast sport bike. And yes, cc's give you guts over glory. This is the approach to "sports-touring" machine. Honda missed that. And yes, I love their bigger brotter, the VTR. But we know well it's Achilles's heel... What you (Hamamatsu) guys need to do for next year is to drop your VTECH and take it to 900cc and you have an all time winner! Or even better, fix that falsely promissed tank size on my VTR and plug in fuel injection instead those ever thirsty carbs and there in nothing better since the slice of VTR!
Re: It meets 2008 Emissions PEOPLE!

Right on, let's cut that environmental bull. What a heck it has to do with motorcycles anyway. Let's be realistic; how many participants in traffic are bikers? Half a percent at best. That's what makes us special, too!
Ok, let me be frank with you than: one big reason I took what I did was that I didn't want to ride a scooter! Just look at that thing (I mean before last update). Next step to comfy, link-braked toorer is RT. When comes to dynamics I can pull from Viffer any time.
1 - 7 of 171 Posts
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