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Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run

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First Post. Man, I don't know if that thing is pretty or ugly.
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I spent a good bit of time looking at the VFR and 919 at the moto show last weekend. I gotta say, both left me a bit cold. The 01 VFR was way better looking to my eyes. Bummer I was hoping to drool.

As for the dyno, I am hoping that this is either an anomoly or that the bike isn't broken in yet. 30 more lbs, questionable aesthetics and less torque everywhere spells doom.
Unrelated, but funny

At that same moto show, Yam had some Road Star customs. One looked like a refugee from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It had the new obligatory 240 section rear tire and a 180 section FRONT. It looked like an eight foot long chrome Fat Cat.
1 - 2 of 171 Posts
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