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Glad you enjojed yourself; have been to the dolomites 2x in the last 6 years and from the pictures have done many of the roads you did (and possibly many more). Can not belieive you did not mention the problems caused by convoys of

1. German bikers doing 30mph on practically every bend -sometimes up to 50 at a time - they really get pissed off when you overtake them and try to block the road so you have to more or less force your way thro' them, and

2. German car drivers every 10 yards - surprisingly they are more cosiderant of fast bikers that the German bikers, but still cause really bad congestion on the roads.

Hate to say it the roads are great, but during the summer months you might as well drive through London rush hours traffic for the same experiance you get in the Dolomites.

Do not recommend the Dolomites at all - if you want real biking roads, with not traffic, go to the Picos, Gredos or Pyrenes in Spain or the Tatras on the Polish/Slovak borders.
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