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Yossef Rides the '05 Breva 1100

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God I have been waiting for this bike for a year and a half. Finally, first post too!
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Wow, this bike is exactly what I was looking for about two years ago. Guzzi anounced it not too long after I'd purchased my R1150R.

Oh well, even if Yossef doesn't like the boxer engine, I'm digging my roadster.

These new Guzzi's sure sound sweet, though. Maybe I'll be ready for a new bike when the MGS-powered Breva shows up.

Great review, Yossef.
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Two questions for Yossef and/or the MO staff.

When will it be here in the US, and when will the ABS model be available? Thanks.
Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle!

A Guzzi that actually works? Hmmm. Just when you think that the world is going to perdition on a chopper built by an actual moron, something like this happens.

What a nice way to end up my work day.
daily commuting is screaming my name once again. guess i'm done with my bobber stage.
Thanks for the great review, Yossef. I'd sure love to ride one, as it sounds absolutely perfect for the likes of me.
Steven-I have not even read the article yet and I would still choose the R1150R over this bike.

How's that for a closed mind?
okay, fellas. who wants to buy me that? i'll be, without question, the coolest kid in town.
Nice review. Interesting bike. Maybe we can get Yossef to ridea Breva against me on Pinks (Speed TV) so I can get a new bike... Did you all see that V-Rod get smacked around by the old Suzuki last night? The poor idiot with the V-Rod was so confident....
Breva in USofA

Dont know about the ABS version but US delivery was supposed to be "late summer", as soon as american homologaton is ready.

The thing is selling already in Europe.
Guzzi is underrated in the U.S. market. Hopefully the new products will allow M-G to rebuild their North American dealer body and give BMW some serious competition. I have my eye on a new Griso.

Yossef, I like my R1100S boxer, but prefer my matte black '01 California for its SOUL. I feel like I'm preserving a piece of M-Gs ancient factory in my garage.
In the words of Clint Eastwood... "a mans got to know his limitations".
I've looked at Moto-guzzi over the past 4-5 years when bike shopping. They are beautiful to look at, they sound right, but once I sit on them the passion is lost. I can't tell you why, they just don't "fit."
Yossef, great always. I owned a R1150RA. I loved it, but my old knees couldn't abide the short seat to peg geometry, alas I sold it. How's that of the Breva?
It reminds me of the last Buell Cyclone (which I really liked the looks of). But DAMN! Nearly $12,000?! I'd recommend waiting a couple or three years and then buy a leftover '06 from the poor American Guzzi dealer that wished he sold Harleys instead (at least that's what the Guzzi market is like where I live).
Looks like a nice enough bike, but a Moto Guzzi, for me, is just an interesting oddity here in the states. We have all of one dealer here in Illinois, and I guess if he gives up, you are pretty much SOL. I guess if you REALLY need to be different, you need one if these.
Had they both been available, I would've tested each of them and chosen the one I liked best. No complaints. I dig my roadster.
So, I am contemplating a more upright bike than my VFR for two up touring (yeah, I know). How are these naked sport-tourers (breva, r1150r) for longer distances compared to a full faired bike like the VFR. I have been thinking about an FJR or V-Strom but something like this is quite appealing as well if I don't think about cold temps and rain. This thing does have the V-twin thing going for it (my other bike is an SV650s). Plus, it's Italian!
Nice review, nice bike. I'm selling my R1150RS and will be looking for a replacement. Hmmm, the Breva makes me think it's time to go Italian.

I also remember the R1150R as very low. Once a friend rented one for touring and we exchanged mounts a few times. Every time I got off the Z750 I was riding and hop on the beemer I would tell myself "This is a chopper!"

Ever thought about getting a higher seat for that R? I think this is an option.

Yes, Breva is a bit better in that sense.
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