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Yossef Rides the '05 Breva 1100

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God I have been waiting for this bike for a year and a half. Finally, first post too!
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Well a VFR isn't full faired. that would be a Gold Wing, not to be snarky. I'm in the school that wind protection on the order of a VFR is necessary. Yossef said in some other review he liikes naked. The first long distance tour I ever took was a V7 Sport from the midwest to the Rockies. I vowed never again to ride accross the plains without a windscreen or fairing..

I have a ZZR1200. Am probably going to get a V Strom next. So it looks like we think the same. Almost got a current gen LeMans, but couldn't do it, because of all the drawbacks now addressed. If Guzzi survies long enough to transfer this stuff to a LeMans I might get that other Guzzi I always promised myself. Hope it has a better looking and better fairing too.

1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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