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You could learn to ride..

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I'm a motorcycle, she can learn to ride me.
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would you be a starter, intermediate or a tourer? :)

just so I can let her know. ;)
Buz could ride his Brutale with her, and bring the Starbucks latte' for everyone.
That makes no sense. How much food can you possibly haul on a Brutale?

My KTM LC4 with the rack can hold a 12 piece KFC megameal very nicely, but not much more.

She was on Tamburini's Agusta that did the cameo in Gone in 60 Secs - same bike, just not nekkid.
I don't know about y'all, but I'd call myself a tourer. Built for comfort, not for speed.
I have a feeling that she can afford more than one bike. The Brutale is just her 'learner' bike! Yowza.

But, yeah - I think driving a truck would make more sense for the actual deliveries.
If she wants to feed the whole village, she should use a Goldwing.

I found another site that says she's taken up "off road" motorcycling. I'm gonna run out and get some knobbies for my Brutale!

"Screen siren Angela Jolie has taken up off-road motorcycling so she can deliver food parcels to the world's needy.

The Girl, Interrupted beauty, who works for the United Nations, has been practicing the skills she will need to reach out-of-the-way areas in the grounds of her Buckinghamshire, England, country mansion.

The 29-year-old bought a 750cc MV Augusta Brutale from Red Dog Motorcycles in Edenbridge, Kent and staff there were impressed by her natural ability."

A shop assistant says: "She's having lessons near her home in Buckinghamshire (England). She's a natural."

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I'd drink lattes out of her motorcycle boots.
They say they are impressed with her "natural ability". That's funny. I've never heard them called an "ability" before.
On second thought, I hear that her "ability" is not so natural.
if i had my own pair of abilities like that, i'd play w em all day and never leave the house!
Why not just donate to the Red Cross and let professionals figure out how to get the goods to those who need it? I do appreciate her learning to ride and love her choice of bike. But, if she intends to jump on a dirt bike and deliver medical supplies to desolate parts of the world, I think she is ill advised at best.
Maybe she wants the people to be able to get the food without having to engage in sexual activities with UNICEF "workers".
She seems willing to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to helping the kiddies, I give her props for that. If using her starpower to shed some light and awareness on these issues gets her more face time in the press and helps her career I don't have a problem with it.

'Course a Triumph Tiger would be a better choice and all, but she's making the effort.
"She's having lessons on land near her home ..."

Man, that sound so much easier than learning to ride a motorcycle in the water.
Yeah, I'll say that for Angelina. Other loudmouth celebrities are travelling around on other people's nickels pretending to support various causes while actually just seeking the limelight because they are out of work. Angelina has actually written her own checks for things like setting up a nature preserve in Thailand.
The question isn't how much your rack holds. It's a question of how much Angelina's rack holds.
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