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I found another site that says she's taken up "off road" motorcycling. I'm gonna run out and get some knobbies for my Brutale!

"Screen siren Angela Jolie has taken up off-road motorcycling so she can deliver food parcels to the world's needy.

The Girl, Interrupted beauty, who works for the United Nations, has been practicing the skills she will need to reach out-of-the-way areas in the grounds of her Buckinghamshire, England, country mansion.

The 29-year-old bought a 750cc MV Augusta Brutale from Red Dog Motorcycles in Edenbridge, Kent and staff there were impressed by her natural ability."

A shop assistant says: "She's having lessons near her home in Buckinghamshire (England). She's a natural."

1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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