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You could learn to ride..

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I'm a motorcycle, she can learn to ride me.
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I think the question that all of us would like to ask is, how do we get hold of her rack?

It's all sort of silly, really. If you want to feed the poor who in remote places, don't send a movie star on a motorcycle - send a cargo-plane and drop parachutes. And, while your at it. you might want to include some literature on birth control, too..."You likie eatie, you quit makie babies, Hokay?"
Don't ruin it now, man.

Just keep quiet with those sensible suggestions until after she puts on some leathers.
What kind of helmet can she buy that'd fit over those Soupcoolers (lips) of hers?

Gotta be a full-face- any speed, she'd beat the he11 out of herself with those things.

Hmmm. Need to re-read the Motorcyclist article on helmets...
Oh, come on! Like none of us ever fed drinks to some chick, hoping that she's put-out (okay, that just ruined any chance I'll ever have, to running for public office) :)
I have to disagree. I'd like nothing more than to send Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Springer and, well, a whole passel of other annoying celebrities into the interior of Zimbabwe with backpacks full of food.
Don't worry. I doubt that you are evil enough or stupid enough to run anyhow.
Hang 'em on a hook, 'til ya need 'em!

I think it was much better in Shakespeare’s time. Back then, nobody cared what actors had to say – unless they were on stage. Just once, I'd like to hear an actor say...What the Hell ya asking me for; I'm just an actor!
It's like I've always said, anyone who wants to be President should be automatically diqualified from running for the office. Anyone who wants that job, has to be unstable. Show someone who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the White House, and he gets my vote.
Is it just me that thinks there should be a link to some photos posted with this news item. Heck, you don't even have to have her on the actual bike!
Is this better?
Is it just me or does it look like something has been "spilled" on that picture? :)
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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