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Timmy Timmy TIM AYE!

Ok boy, do you know how to take laptimes and photographs?

A few tips for the new MO intern:

1.) Don't race Ashley on PS2 / MotoGP or neither of you will get a damned thing done, all day.

2.) Whatever you do, don't order the Grill Master's Special at the Flat Cat Cafe.

3.) Always get onions with your Chippa Chai.

4.) Don't feed people food to any dogs at MO, or you will be holding your nose and gagging for 8 hours.

5.) DON'T CRASH THE FREAKIN TEST BIKES! (only Ashley's boyfriends can do that)

6.) The door that says "MOMEN" isn't for you.

7.) DON'T do burnouts on the dark asphalt just outside the garage. That asphalt is VERY soft and will melt and create a crater under your rear tire. It will also fling bits of molten rubber and asphalt pebbles into the air, so they can rain down over MO like Satan's own snow.

8.) DON'T do burnouts INSIDE the MO garage, or EBass will get all pissy and whine about the smell for 40 days and 40 nights.

9.) There is a time and a place for Barry Manilow, that place will never be MO.

10.) Pay attention to what Ashley has to say. Though she's crazier than hell and her thought process would get Stephen Hawking lost, she knows her $hit and has more experience in this industry than the rest of the MO staff combined.

11.) Forget all about 1 - 10 and HAVE FUN.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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