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Zero gravity vs. laminar lip

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IMO a smoke or color matched Zero Gravity or Double Bubble screen looks better than the Laminar Lip on the bike.

I had a smoke Z.G. on a ZX1000R that worked pretty good and looked great with the red and black color scheme. It was on there when I bought the bike so I can't say how it compared stock, but I didn't notice any XS noise or backpressure with it on.
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I've got a Lip on my Ducati ST4 and it works pretty well. It seems to smooth the air-flow a bit and provide a bigger pocket of air. It ain't the prettiest contraption though.

I think LL's claims of "increased downforce" are a total joke.
I've always wondered if just taking a hole saw and drilling a few 1 inch holes along the bottom of a stock windshield would do the same thing. My Bandit had a pressure relieving slot along the bottom of the shield and I felt no buffetting or back pressure at all. I didn't even need ear plugs with it, unlike my Trophy.

I've been planning on getting a short summer screen for my bike so maybe I'll try drilling it and see what happens. I don't want to mess with my tall winter screen 'cause it's nice on these 29 degree mornings.
I had the ZG on my FZ-1 and it improved airflow quite a bit for me. The "for me" part is the key because everyone's individual size makes all the difference.

There are some positive reviews on the laminar lip over at motorcycle-usa where they put it on a couple of the bikes in their 'Reality bikes' shootout.
I would liike to know if anyone has combined the Zero Gravity Touring with a Laminar Lip Touring and what the results were.
After putting 110,000 miles on a '98 SuperHawk, I decided to try a couple of ZG screens. The "DoubleBubble" version seemed to be very little different from the stock, lowish, screen aside from looking pretty good in "dark smoke". The Sport Touring screen, however, provides significantly better wind protection. There is about the same amount of minor buffeting as the stock screen but it occurs several inches higher and I can get below it with only a slight crouch during high speed (90+) riding instead of going to a full race tuck. BTW I'm 6'2". ZG also has a "return if not satisfied policy" on their Touring screens. One additional suggestion: go for the "light smoke" or clear (as opposed to "Dark"). The screen is tall enough that you occasionally need to look through it and the Dark screen is almost opaque.

I wish I'd put this on 100,000 miles ago.
The best thing I've noticed to reduce buffeting while riding is Lose the fairing! and stay away from Semi's. A good riding suit gives me all the comfort I need. Ride NAKED!!!
The old Windjammer fairing had those "pop-out" vents down low and that seemed to work well. As far as riding in the cold... go electric baby, it rocks! 29 degrees, that's obscene! 72F here, check ya'll later (step, step, step... the sound of a powerful 1200cc Kawasaki coming to life... the sound fades into the distance...).
I tried the "lip" on a ZRX1200, the buffeting made my eyeballs vibrate. I was very pleased at how willing the Laminar guys were to refund my money. I have a ZG touring screen now and love it. FYI, my local shop did not have a part # for the taller screen in the current catalog. I used the ZG website.
Too bad the sound never turns a corner! Watch out for the little old ladies.
I have a 1999 ZX-6e with a ST screen. It places the wind at about the middle of my helmet and on the edges of my shoulders. A definite improvement over the stock screen.

I've had the ZG Sport Touring on a Honda 600RR and a Honda 800 VFR. If I tuck just a little I am out of the wind. No noise. Nice

The Dark Smoke is too dark to look through at night. I just look over it.
I'm convinced that the ZRX is getting a bum rap in the handling department. While I wouldn't contend it is a "Good" handling Motorcycle, properly adjusted I don't think it's "Bad".

When I first got mine and was pushing it slowly harder and harder to find a baseline before adjusting it's fully adjustable suspension I thought it's handling was "funky". When I went to start making adjustments I found out that the settings weren't balanced on both the front and rear. It is EASY to mis-adjust some of the settings. It was also slightly out of alignment. After taking the time to learn how to properly adjust the suspension and "perfectly" aligning it I was rewarded with a Motorcycle that I think handles "decently". It's roadholding seems fine on less than smooth pavement in corners and if the rear steps out it doesn't seem to upset the bike too badly IMHO. When Sean rode it he thought it felt significantly better than the test bike he had ridden. Decent handling combined with "good" brakes and "Killer" drives out of corners mean ZRX's can Really hustle on down any road IMHO.

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Anyone who thinks that any modern sport standard "can't handle" should try a MachIII.
aka, What's that thing layin out there in my field?
29F? You think that's cold? I ride every day in Chicago. Record so far was 2F. Thursday.
You got it. Tell these wimps what REAL cold is!
I wasn't questioning the ZRX's ability to go around corners. Since you live in FL, I was questioning your ability to FIND corners.
Re: "But it's a dry cold"

Yesterday was 29 and dry when I left for work, when I got off it had warmed up to 33 but it started raining mixed with ice pellets.

As it was above freezing and traffic the roads were wet but not icy. Just another winter ride here, my JR Ballistic 4.0, stylin' Triumph fleece jacket and SIDI's did their job and kept me warm and dry.

My TourMaster winter gloves however leaked and got my fingers cold. I've only had them 15 years and they've already got a few holes in them.

I think I'll send them a nasty letter
No problem, Buzz. Everybody's so conditioned by KPail's unending diatribes that they just jump the gun and assume that you are asserting that nothing but a race replica is worth riding.
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