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After putting 110,000 miles on a '98 SuperHawk, I decided to try a couple of ZG screens. The "DoubleBubble" version seemed to be very little different from the stock, lowish, screen aside from looking pretty good in "dark smoke". The Sport Touring screen, however, provides significantly better wind protection. There is about the same amount of minor buffeting as the stock screen but it occurs several inches higher and I can get below it with only a slight crouch during high speed (90+) riding instead of going to a full race tuck. BTW I'm 6'2". ZG also has a "return if not satisfied policy" on their Touring screens. One additional suggestion: go for the "light smoke" or clear (as opposed to "Dark"). The screen is tall enough that you occasionally need to look through it and the Dark screen is almost opaque.

I wish I'd put this on 100,000 miles ago.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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